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The Joy of Missing Out
by Tonya Dalton

Take the stairs
by Rory Vaden


Stories that Stick
by Kindra Hall

Get out of your own way
by Dave Hollis

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Mastering Your Mean Girl
by Melissa Ambrosini

An Intentional Life
by Karen Stott

Take the stairs
by Rory Vaden

Own Your Day
by Jordan Lee Dooley

Stories that Stick
by Kindra Hall

Get out of your own way
by Dave Hollis

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“Thank you for your EmpowHER Book Club! The book we are reading has given me the courage to give my own small business plan a go! Hubby and I are talking over finishing details! Thank you! I am so excited to start working towards my dreams! One step at a time! Love you! 💗” 
-Brittany Lennartz

“Thank you so much for encouraging us every day. I recently listened to The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown. Well, my daughter has been going to therapy for over a year and the therapist requested I join today's session. She walked my daughter through being able to talk to me. And all that I learned helped me SO MUCH! I am so grateful!"  -Rebecca

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