I built a 7-figure empire and learned it all through Personal-Growth books. In this podcast,
I share strategies & chat with my fave self-help authors so you can fear less & have success too!

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Get Unstuck and Crush Your Instagram with Jordan Lee Dooley (Ep. 2)

Me vs. We Mindset with Manon Matthews (Ep. 3)

Kelli shares an interview from March of 2020 with Dave Hollis, author of Get Out of Your Own Way & COO of The Hollis Co. They cover topics ranging from dealing with the struggles of quarantine, changing the way we think, and never apologizing for who we are. Click here to join Kelli's Book Club!

29 mins

34 mins

In this episode, Kelli is joined by Jordan Lee Dooley, the bestselling author of Own Your Everyday to share some KILLER Instagram tips, her fave books, how the Enneagram has helped her, her latest life lessons, and so much more.

29 mins

In this episode, Kelli is joined by Comedian & author of Funny How It Works Out, Manon Matthews. They talk about having a "Me vs. We" mindset, how Manon went from insecure to confident, and simple secrets to going viral on social media.

38 mins

In this episode, Kelli is joined by authors of More Than A Body, Lindsay & Lexie Kite. They get real about our bodies and the influence the media has had on how we see ourselves. If you are struggling with the person you see in the mirror, this episode is for you!

Making Peace with Your Body with Lindsay & Lexie KiteBY (Ep. 4)

36 mins

In this episode, Kelli is joined by Sharon McMahon, America’s (not boring) Government Teacher to talk about how she helped forgive over 56 million in medical debt, her journey towards educating the world on American Government, her best tips for building a powerful community, and so much more.


change the way you think and never apologize with dave hollis (Ep. 1)

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