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21 Days to Confident will help you:

"Prior to this workshop I had a very negative perspective of my life... Through the daily tasks I’ve been able to appreciate what I can truly do and give some time to myself to love and appreciate me which in turn, helps me love and help others around me more efficiently. Thank you Kelli for your inspirational and eye-opening opportunity."  - Cathy Lagrimas

“I am a pretty confident person. I do like myself, but I do get in a slump and get depressed from time to time. With Kelli’s workshop I learned how I can beat the slump! It was so nice to have a little pick me up on a daily basis. I feel like I am still confident but I know how to keep up the confidence on those bad days."
-Jaelyn H.

people are talkin'

people are talkin'

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get 25% happier in 21 days!

3 Steps to COnfidence: 

Step 1: Purchase 21 days to confident 

Step 2: Do the simple daily prompts

Step 3: Feel your confidence grow each day

This has definitely changed my life and my way of thinking.


I Think every woman should take your challenge. I learned so much, and gained lots of confidence!!

-Lisa M.

"I’m amazed by how much my confidence improved in just 21 days. I have already recommended this class to friends. Your starting confidence level doesn’t matter. Everyone can gain something from this."

I LOVED it! every dancing video made me smile and makes me hope to have the confidence to do it as well one day!!


This Course helped me as a woman, mother, grandma, wife and friend. I learned that I have to love myself and take care of myself in order to be my best. It's fun and really helped me get to know myself and love myself.

-Amy M. 

I was really struggling with life when I signed up to do this. I felt utterly lost. This workshop was eye-opening! I was learning how to let go of my own fears and doubts and truly embrace myself, warts and all! Thank you!!

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your confidence back. That's why we've designed this course to drop straight into your inbox daily for 21 days.

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Get ready to shine brighter. And we know we can say this because we've surveyed hundreds of students after taking 21 Days to Confidence and the results are in!

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21 Days to Confidence is easy, uplifting and powerful!  
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You're busy and we know it. That's why 21 Days to Confident is delivered right to your inbox over 21 days.

You can even add text reminders for added accountability. 

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