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1 Goal for 100 Days is more than a Motivational Journal. It’s a Movement. Join the thousands of women who have taken Kelli’s challenge to focus on only 1 goal for 100 days and watch your life transform. This Journal acts as a personal coach in making dreams happen.

1 Goal for 100 Days doesn't mess around—it walks you step-by-step as you break down your goal, set deadlines, and create strategies for success. It's your go-to for keeping on track, pumping out motivation, and inspiring you with stories from women who’ve crushed their goals. (And gives you a gentle kick in the pants when you need it!) 1 Goal for 100 Days is your audacious accomplice in achieving greatness—one day at a time!

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Meet Kelli France, Confidence Queen. Kelli is your girl-next-door bestie with a zest for life. Her journey from food-stamps to seven-figures is not just a testament to her grit, but a story she shares to inspire others. As a Confidence Coach, Kelli helps women get out of their own way and get what they want. 

Kelli wears many hats, including that of the beloved host of the Finally Fearless Podcast. With its extraordinary impact, it has earned a well-deserved place among the top 1% of podcasts worldwide.

Kelli is not just about words; she's about action. She hosts a virtual sisterhood of over 5,000 women in her confidence-boosting book club, diving into the pages of personal growth and ending with insights straight from the authors themselves.

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