I don’t speak whine-ish

I need some motherly advice.  My oldest and I butt heads ALL. THE. TIME.  Probably because she is very much like me.  One thing that we are working on (and have been working on since she was born) is her whining.  I hoped she would grow out of it by now (I mean, come on, she’s 7) but that’s not happening.  I’ve tried all sorts of things from telling her to “rewind” and say things again in a better tone, to telling her that I don’t speak “whine-ish” and ignoring her, to giving her “sassy sauce” (vinegar water) when she does whine.  Nothing seems to be working.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  This could be a LONG summer if I can’t figure something out.  I want to nip it in the bud now because I worry that she’ll turn into a very sassy teenager.

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  1. Angela Lanier says:

    Kelli-If you figure that one out LET ME KNOW!! We tell our kids all the time that we don’t speak “whine-ese” (like Chinese..LOL). We’ve said, “I don’t understand whine-ese, so I can’t hear you unless you talk normal” I’m not saying that works all the time though, so I’d love to hear what you come up with from all the advice.