The first day of school!

One of the main reasons we moved so quickly was so we could get the kids to start school on time.  Their first day was yesterday and they did not seem nervous at all.  I was a little thrown off that my five-year-old had to go to all day Kindergarten.  In the words of my photog friend, Kara, “Who the crap invented THAT?”  I prefer to have my kids home with me as long as possible where they are loved unconditionally.  I guess they make him nap there which my feeling is, school is not for napping!!!  He should be napping at home in his cozy bed and eating a home-cooked lunch with his Mama. Grrr.
After we dropped them off, my baby (aka 2.5 year old) cried for about 2 seconds and then realized that he got me all to himself–woot, woot!  I wanted to make his day kinda special too so when we got home I busted out the greatest invention ever—window crayons (thanks for introducing us to those Melissa!) and he went to town on our sliding glass doors.

Anyhoo, my kindergartner seemed to do fine and so did my big second-grader.  They even made some friends!  I can’t believe they are getting so flippin’ old.  Makes me start to feel old (that and the fact that I am turning THIRTY this year!!)  We live close enough to the school to walk so we did and it was such a fun experience.  I decided to walk to pick them up and of course, right when we got there, it started raining!  Luckily one of the Moms I had met that morning gave us a ride home.  People are really nice here.

When we got home, I surprised the kids with the traditional PENCIL CAKE!  I was laughing at how it NOT CUTE it turned out (Alyssa and Angela and any other professional cake makers that read this can laugh too).  I can cook but I can’t make it pretty-LOL!  Maybe I’ll get it right by the time they are in Junior High–he.he.  It was slightly pathetic but the kids thought it was cool and could at least tell that it was a pencil.  


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  1. Angela Lanier says:

    Kelli-that cake is awesome!! Not all cakes have to be pretty. I think it’s great that you have that for a tradition. I remember your attempt at that cake last year…good improvement! 🙂 It totally looks like a pencil and I’m sure you and your kiddos LOVED eating it! Happy 1st day of school!

  2. Alyssa says:

    Nice! Savannah looks about 13 in that pic with her and the boys and the cake! Miss you tons!