{baby jack} ~ Colorado Springs newborn photographer

This client is also my Portrait Consultant in Nevada so you may recognize her and her boys since I’ve done LOTS of sessions with her.  The stars were aligned for this newborn session.  Seriously, the light was amazing in her house!  I told her that I want to buy her house and open a studio there. Also, baby Jack was perfect for the session and so were her boys.  I stayed at her home while I was in Nevada so I got to snuggle him lots and lots.  Hope you love them Alyssa!

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  1. Brynne Morgan says:

    Those are amazing Kelli! What a beautiful baby boy!

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  3. […] This is one of my dearest friends.  I’m sure you’ve seen her and her kids on my blog A LOT!  I’ve been photographing them since her oldest was a wee one.  I just love her boys. They’re all so different and cute!  I especially adore her baby’s fuzzy hair.  He reminds me of a fuzzy little duckling that I want to follow me home.  He had the fuzz even as a newborn. […]