pure ~ Monument newborn photographer

This session went really well and I think it’s because I had an assistant to help me out.  I could not have attempted the hanging baby photos without one!  It also helped that the baby just slept and slept through all of the new ideas we were trying out.  I think that has much to do with the fact that she is baby number three.  With two older brothers, I’m sure she has just learned to block out the noise to get any sleep!

I will be in Nevada the rest of the week hanging with my girls, photographing some Baby Plan clients and a WEDDING!  Phew–I’m excited (and exhausted) just thinking about it!

Au revoir!



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  1. Alyssa says:

    The hanging one in adorable! Remember that for Harrison baby #4!

  2. Jackie says:

    Kelli this session is fresh. It is a new favorite of your last few sessions. Love it. And your processing looks fabulous! Have fun at the wedding! 😉

  3. michele says:

    Those are yummy : ) Love them!

  4. Karyn Collins says:

    Love it Kelli! “Pure” is an absolutely spot on description!