Skateboarding family ~ Colorado Springs family photographer

This is one of my dearest friends.  I’m sure you’ve seen her and her kids on my blog A LOT!  I’ve been photographing them since her oldest was a wee one.  I just love her boys. They’re all so different and cute!  I especially adore her baby’s fuzzy hair.  He reminds me of a fuzzy little duckling that I want to follow me home.  He had the fuzz even as a newborn.

Like my fam, these guys love skateboarding so we chose to do the session at their Grandpa’s homemade skate ramp in the mountains.  How cool is that!  I want a Grandpa with a homemade skateboard ramp in the mountains!

Anyhoo, we had a good time. I wish we could have done a video with these guys.  I’m so excited about the upcoming ones that I’ve recently done.

Love these peeps!  Later Sk8r!

We were getting a little goofy towards the end and thought it would hilarious to mimic the meadow scene from “Twilight.”  Too bad I couldn’t figure out how to make Nigel sparkle. He-he-he.

P.S.  Tomorrow I’ll be posting workshop pics. Can’t wait for you to see them!

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  1. Eden says:

    Love these! What cute boys!!

  2. Alyssa says:

    Love them!! You Rock!

  3. Fun Family! ….and I want those shoes the mom is wearing!

  4. margaret Harrison says:

    I don’t know how you do it but the pictures always surpass the last ones. Great pictures Kelli