Edward Scissorhands costume ~ France Photography

Halloween is my fave!  It involves candy (which I love more than chocolate) and dressing up like a fool–another thing I can’t get enough of.  This year, I had no idea what I was going to be for Halloween. I just couldn’t get inspired.  The day before Halloween, we went to a Halloween store and I saw an Edward Scissorhands wig and was totally inspired.  I didn’t even buy the wig because I have the perfect hair for it. So the next day, I spiked up my hair and found some random things in my closet and somehow assembled a very last-minute homemade Edward Scissorhands costume.  My daughter came up with a homemade costume too. She decided to be Victoria, from Twilight. She came up with everything all on her own and I must say, I was a proud Mama.  It must just run in the family because my Mom has always gotten really into Halloween and dressed up. She still does, even as a Grandma.  She came out to visit me this year and it was SO fun to have her!
My favorite phrase from her visit was when she said, “I wonder where your daughter learned to be so sassy?”

I (sassily) replied, “I wonder where I learned to be so sassy?”

Well, I know I’m rambling but I had a lovely Halloween and I hope you did too!

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  1. Lori says:

    Love, Love, Love your costume!! You look like his twin for sure! Who knew you and Johnny Depp were distant relatives? I just can’t get over this one…clever!

  2. Lisa Heuer says:

    Holy cow, that is the most awesome costume EVER! I had no idea it was you until I read the post. Brilliant!