crazy is good

Do you ever feel a little crazy at times? I sure do.  Sometimes it seems that I have crazy ideas or abnormal ambition but I heard this quote as a teenager and it’s helped me ever since. It’s like in the new movie, Alice in Wonderland, when Alice asks her father, “Have I gone mad?”  He tells her, “You’re mad, bonkers … but I’ll tell you a secret: All the best people are.”  I agree. Some of the most remarkable people in history were a little “bonkers” (think Einstein or Vincent van Gogh).  So if you are feeling a little crazy for thinking out of the box or doing things a little bit differently, remember to hold your ground because all the best people are.

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  1. Dear Crazy,Ha! I feel this post… I even wrote a song (and posted it to youtube of all things) on the insanity of motherhood (called ‘you’re insane: a song about motherhood). This quote is perfect and I may hang it in my study… then I can look at it as I am dreaming of taking on ANOTHER project and know that I’m just on my way to greatness or maybe I’m just more bark than anything else.

    Nutty With a Crazy After-Taste in NE