If I had only 10 years to live

Remember how I said that sharing your goals helps you to accomplish them. So here I am sharing some of my 2011 goals with you. I also shared them with my husband so that we are both on the same page.
In making goals, they should be S.M.A.R.T:






All too often we make goals like “Lose 10 lbs.” but then we never specify exactly HOW we will do this.  So this year, I tried to be really specific with my goals and HOW I would achieve them.  I also decided to make my goals with a new perspective in mind.

If I only had 5-10 years to live, what would I do more?

I decided that if I really only had 5-10 years left to live, I would spend way more time with my kids by:

  • STOP, LOOK & LISTEN (especially after school!)
  • Take them on one-on-one dates ( go to lunch every month on the date of their birthday)
  • Read to them more often
  • Make memories (traditions, vacations, holidays)
  • Teach them every skill I know!
  • Ensure that each kid had positive interaction from me
  • Write in my Journal and express my love for them
  • Hug them and tell them I love them everyday
  • SLOW DOWN, be patient & not yell
  • Take them on more vacations where we can stop & smell the roses & just enjoy each other
  • Stop getting caught up in the thick of thin things
  • Make dinner more enjoyable
  • Take & print more pictures of MY kids
  • BE AN EXAMPLE (Do as I do!)
  • Teach them to be healthy
  • Take better care of myself so I can take better care of my kids
  • Blog more about my kids & motherhood (√ check!)
  • Teach my children important principles!

Another thing that has helped me to really narrow down my motherhood goals is to decide what principles I want to teach my children this year.  Every week we have Family Home Evening (FHE) where we literally sit down and teach our children principles that are important to us. So this year, I decided beforehand on all of the principles that I want my children to learn more about and exemplify.

They are: (I made a little printout for the kids so they could see)

I also sat down with each child and reviewed their goals from last year. Then we decided on some goals for each of them this year. Here they are:


Learn to brush hair by Feb. 10th

Learn to do half & full pony tail

Use a calm voice

Practice piano

Learn to clean room herself

Keep room clean

Do morning routine herself

Learn to cook by helping Mom on Sundays

Use hook in closet

Learn to ride a bike

Join swim team

Have a savings account


Clean up after self

Learn to make phone calls

Learn to ride a bike

Play T-ball & soccer

Stop interrupting

Get baptized

Fast for 1 meal a month

Sing Hymns at Church


Stay in bed at night

Learn to make bed

Learn to make a sandwich

Do chores

Stop hitting Mom/Dad

Stop calling names

Stop yelling


Stop saying potty words (tobasco or toilet)

Learn about principles

Make own breakfast


Read scriptures during lamptime

Rinse plates

Learn to use napkins

Make beds

Close eyes & fold arms during prayers

Sing Hymns at Church

Be more helpful


Eat Clean

Take Daisy on more walks

Go camping

Obviously, we have a LOT to work on…not to mention my own personal goals that I’ll talk more about tomorrow.  Maybe that was all TMI but it feels good to write them down and share them!  A goal is a wish unless it’s written down!

What would you do differently if you only had 5-10 years to live?  THINK ABOUT IT.

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  1. Callie Helm says:

    These are awesome Kelli, thanks for sharing! It really does make me think about what is truly important!! P.S. One of our goals is to go camping this year too, we should go together!

  2. Mel says:

    Thanks for sharing your goals Kelli! I love how when you think about life on a shorter term basis (which it is)…you really focus on what is most important. Those are some awesome mom goals. I would like to try to implement some of those as well.