J’adore ~ Laptop lunches

While at New Orleans, a photog friend, Karen Byer, showed me some phone pics of the lunches she makes for her kids. WOW! I was super inspired!  Not only did she pack unconventional lunches but they were flippin’ cute AND healthy!
Karen shares with us: “The best resources i’ve found are from www.laptoplunches.com. Get 10% off using discount code:  “beyer”. I recommend reading the book:  The Healthy Lunchbox by McClendon and Shauck.  You’d also be surprised at how many blogs are out there with ideas and tools to make packing healthy lunches/meals fun:”

Check out some of the Karen’s super inspiring lunches:

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  1. Jasmine says:

    Great Post! I especially love the list of websites with lunch ideas. I have two children (14 and 9) and I’m often looking for ways to make their lunches more healthy and fun.

  2. Michelle says:

    You take laptop lunches to a new level Kelly!

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