2011 Francypants Academy Workshop!

I’m excited to announce the 2011 Boutique Business Workshop!  I’ve been to several frustrating workshops where rockstar photographers tell you how to run a business but so many of them have large studios, tons of employees, and do hundreds of photo sessions a year. That’s not what I want! I choose to work from home, part-time so I can be with my kids.  At the Francypants Academy Workshop, you’ll learn how to build a profitable business from home in between changing diapers and taking your kids to swimming lessons. You don’t need to work full-time or own a studio to be successful!

The first 5 people that sign-up will receive a FREE Kelly Moore Boho bag! For more details, click HERE or go to the Business Courses & Workshops page.

“Shortly after the Francypants Academy lessons on sales I had two ordering sessions.
I decided to apply the strategies that I learned and ended up
tripling my average sale in one ordering session and more than doubling it
in another.  Between these two sales I more than paid for the cost of the Francypants Academy workshop.”

~Heather Golde, Heather Golde Photography

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