My boy ~ Monument children’s photography

In December, my boy turned 7! December is always a bit of madness since we have 3 birthdays and Christmas that month so I never got to do a birthday blog post for him. So here it is…3 months later.I just love this kid. He has a heart of gold and is so helpful to everyone in our family. He’s also full of energy which is why I love the picture of him jumping on the bed. It’s just SO him! He is also a pretty good little dancer. Check out some of his sweet moves and lip syncing skills in this video that my kids made.

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  1. Callie Helm says:

    One word…WOW!! 😉

  2. Brynne Morgan says:

    Nice Anthony!! We are impressed with his dancing skills… Tell him we said hi!

  3. Amber says:

    That’s it!, next Family reunion- kids need a dance party!