FAQ Friday ~ Online workshops for photographers

This week has been a doozy with Spring Break and me being super sick so not much happened on the blog. I’ll have to catch up next week when I’m feeling better and the kids are back in school. But for now I’ll do an FAQ.
I’m just starting out on the business side of things and would like to find a quality printer for my clients’ prints.  How do I go about finding one that is quality, reasonable in pricing (I’m not even sure what to compare to), and has the product and customer service I am looking for?


When looking for a professional lab I would ask other photographers for referrals to find out the pros and cons of each lab. If you are not connected with other photographers, you should be. Join a forum like www.ilovephotography.com or www.clickinmoms.com to join a network of other photographers on the same journey as you.  You can also attend Trade Shows at photography conventions like WPPI where you get to view a variety of different labs and see all of their products in person.

There are more questions but I am going to address one a week so thank you for your patience.

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