Fraternal twins ~ Denver photographer for twins

This session definitely took a lot energy since it was of one-year old fraternal twins along with their big sister.

Who needs aerobics when I’ve got sessions like these?

But it was also oh-so fun! These kids were so cute and full of energy!

I just got such a kick out of the way they interacted with each other and with their big sister.

I give major kudos to their Mama (who is the sweetest lady ever!)

Tomorrow I’ll show you their ADORABLE video!

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  1. Tim Pham says:

    Omg! How did you catch the one with her little bottom in the air and her head between her legs? And the one with the twins on the couch…TIMELESS!!! Awesome awesome session Kelli!!!

  2. ainsley says:

    so beautiful. I love the little baby bottoms!

  3. Pam says:

    I have never seen such creative photography and the subjects are just as precious as can be. All of the photos are great, but the best of all are the bare bums!!! Love it!