FAQ Friday ~ Why I switched from Canon to Nikon

I get asked this question A LOT!  In this video, I share all the juicy reasons that helped me make the leap from Canon to Nikon. Please forgive the ninja-movie sound-syncing issue. I was having tech issues and ran out of time to fix them but it should provide some good entertainment for you. ;0)

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  1. Yeahh for Nikon! I upgraded from pentax to d300s and was amazed at the difference…I tried Canon and Nikon both before buying and the creamy skin tones plus the feel in my hand sold me easily. But I have you beat on one aspect…I picked up my new Nikon and literally took it out of the box in the parking lot before my session! {I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone but it’s all good} P.S. I think this ninja-movie style works well for you~

  2. Rebekah Lyn says:

    I am a Nikon user as well! I was thinking about switching to Canon, b/c the gear is cheaper in the long run, but thanks for this video! Shouldn’t sacrifice quality for price! 🙂 Also, I’m thinking about upgrading to the D700. Which Nikon are you currently using?

  3. Dana W. says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this video!! I think your photography is awesome. I am in the process of buying new gear and was thinking of getting a Canon but after watching this I believe I may stay with Nikon. Which Nikon do you recommend/use. Thank you again for sharing!