Give-away #1

Our celebration of this new blogsite continues with the very first give-away of our fun-filled week:

The BonjOrganization e-Book valued at $95.

The BonjOrganization e-book has over 50 pages teaching the art of balancing work and family along with client and time management. Bonus items include “Worst First” charts for the family, Kelli’s Mom-preneur schedule, client checklists, filing systems, and more. Also features Kelli’s extreme office make-over and the strategic setup of her office. It will change the way you work and play!

You can find the BonjOrganization e-book within the Francypants Designs Boutique. Take some time to browse through it if you haven’t already.

“I wish I could leap through email and just hug your neck. I read your BonjOrganization e-book last night and had so many light bulb moments.  I printed off your Worst-First Chart and your Schedule and I’m tweaking them to our family’s needs.  Already, I feel so much better!!  I can do this!  I had a very productive day today–kept up with housework, clients, Parker’s school program, and even ate dinner out with the family after the play.  This morning?  Both of my kids made their beds and Parker even finished his handwriting homework before we left the house.  And I even had the strength (and sense) to say an emphatic NO to a client who is asking for yet another exception. Thank you, Kelli. You’re such a gem. I will be shouting the praises of your BonjOrganization e-book from the rooftops, darling.”  ~Stacey, Stacey Woods Photography

To enter:
Leave a comment answering the question:  What needs the most organizing in your life?

To earn 5 additional entries, leave a separate comment for each of the steps listed below. If you don’t leave separate comments for each step, we will not be able to include them.  Entries must be entered here, not on the Facebook Fan Page.

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This giveaway is now closed. Winners will be announced here on Tuesday, August 9th.

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  1. Daniele says:

    My entire life needs organizing. I have 2 small children at home and I am trying to start a business and right now I have no separation between the two.

  2. Julie Rhodes says:

    My time management, how to organize my time, so every little bit of life is taken care of.

  3. Daniele says:

    I am a fan of Fancypants Academy on Facebook.

  4. Cate Waters says:

    The thing in my life that needs the most organizing is my time and energy. Where am I spending all my energy? Is it in the right place? am I not saving some for my family or friends as I need to? How can i better schedule activities so its during my awake or sleepy times so I dont have to fight my natural rhythms?

  5. Daniele says:

    I follow @kellifrance on Twitter.

  6. Julie Rhodes says:

    I am a fan of Francypants on fb!

  7. Julie Rhodes says:

    I am following @kellifrance on twitter!

  8. My time needs organizing. I’m constantly staying up late to finish a zillion tasks!

  9. I am a fan of Francypants Academy on Facebook!

  10. My entire life! I work full time, am a mommy and wife and my photography business iis growing! I need more hours in the day!

  11. I follow @kellifrance! @allisonshamrell

  12. I’m a facebook fan!! Thank you!

  13. Danielle says:

    My office space needs the most organizing….I need to be able to separate business and home!

  14. Danielle says:

    I am a facebook fan 🙂

  15. Danielle says:

    subscribed to the RSS feed

  16. Julie Rhodes says:

    I subscribed to the RSS feed!

  17. Danielle says:

    already get the newsletter 🙂

  18. Danielle says:

    following on twitter!

  19. Amanda says:

    Prioritizing projects and keeping WORK and HOME separate!

  20. I need to better organize my workflow after completing a session! This includes timelines, follow ups, orders and delivery of final products!

  21. Amanda says:

    I’m a new fan, too!

  22. MY WORKFLOW via my new imac needs the most organization in my life at the moment 🙂 Have no clue how to get things put where i want them on this thing!! haha

  23. Subbed to Newsletter 🙂

  24. I need the most help managing my children and keeping things organized while I work.

  25. I am a Fan on Facebook

  26. I followed Kelli France on Twitter

  27. I tweeted about the giveaway

  28. Debbie Smith says:

    My laundry and finances need organizing!!!

  29. I subscribed to the blog

  30. I subscribed to the newsletter

  31. My schedule needs organizing!

  32. Debbie Smith says:

    LIKE Francypants on FB

  33. Debbie Smith says:

    following Kelli France on Twitter

  34. Debbie Smith says:

    I subscribe to RSS feed via Google Reader

  35. Amy Hoogstad says:

    I need help getting my life/work balance organized!

  36. Amy Hoogstad says:

    I’m a fan of Francypants on FB!

  37. Debbie Smith says:

    subscribed to newsletter

  38. Amy Hoogstad says:

    I follow you on twitter (@AsherImages)

  39. Amy Hoogstad says:

    I subscribed to the RSS feed.

  40. I need to work on Time Management!!! I have 2 children at home and in my first yr of my photography business, I need to organize my schedule so that I am not working so much on their time.

  41. Amy Hoogstad says:

    I’ve signed up for the newsletter.

  42. I am a fan on FB, thanks for the Freebies this week!

  43. lindsay hess says:

    how i manage my time needs some serious organizing! since I work from home I keep working until the wee hours of the morning.

  44. lindsay hess says:

    i’m a Francypants Academy fan on FB!

  45. lindsay hess says:

    i follow KelliFrance on twitter via @lindsaywynne

  46. I need to organize my office and time better. I have a full time job and trying to get my photography business up and running. It’s the juggle of balance.

  47. Follow you on Twitter

  48. Jessica says:

    I could use the organization. Time management is a big deal right now with a deployed husband and a busy three year old.

  49. I’m not commenting to enter as I’ve already read BonjOrganization — I just wanted to write to say how awesome it is and what a difference it made in my life! Genius!

  50. Amy Stephens says:

    Ack, just this morning I commented that I wasn’t doing a good job balancing it all – I was in tears because I’d messed up scheduling my son’s first parent/teacher conference of the year. My schedule needs the most organizing!!

  51. Amber says:

    I need help organizing on the accounting side of things. Time is more valuable to me than money so on the accounting side of things, I have neglected to stay organized and use what I need to promote myself.

  52. Marla says:

    Balance! I need organization so I can balance full time job, two littles, hubs, and photography . . . along with laudry, dinners, two dogs, etc . . . whew!

  53. Carlena Hockersmith says:

    I will repost on my facebook 🙂

  54. Heather says:

    All of my administration and business stuff is hurting big time. I need help and just don’t know where to start some days!

  55. Heather says:

    I liked on facebook as well!

  56. Christine says:

    Thanks so much for the chance, tweeted your tweet.

  57. Christineb says:

    I follow you on twitter

  58. Christineb says:

    I follow FP on Facebook

  59. Christineb says:

    Ha, what about my life does not need organizing. I am a mess. Fingers crossed, this momma needs some help.

  60. Christineb says:

    I subscribe to he FP newsletter

  61. Jen wyeth says:

    I’m a fan on fb!

  62. Jen wyeth says:

    I subscribed to the newletter!

  63. Jen wyeth says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter!

  64. What needs the most organizing in my life? ME! Seriously. It is one of my biggest challenges in life. I look at organized people and think, wow, with everything else I have going for me, if I could just conquer organization I could seriously conquer the world (or at least my little piece of it!).Presently I am determined to overhaul my house before school starts so that the “to do” lists can get done quickly instead of haunting me for weeks at a time!

  65. I subscribed to Francypants Academy

  66. I subscribed to the Francypants Academy Newsletter (and downloaded the first chapter of the book – thanks!!)

  67. I follow kellifrance on twitter @RStengelPhotog

  68. I tweeted! @RStengelPhotog

  69. Chelsea Lyons says:

    I tweeted!!! @chelsea1677

  70. Chelsea Lyons says:

    I’m a facebook fan!

  71. Chelsea Lyons says:

    I’m following you on twitter!

  72. Chelsea Lyons says:

    I subscribed to fancypants academy!

  73. Catherine says:

    My business definitely needs the most organization in my life! I recently made the decision to graduate early from high school to jump-start my business before photography/business school, and it seems like I am as disorganized as can be! The most organization is probably my Google calender and my file folders! Sad! I’m working very hard to get my business on a great path at a young age, so I definitely think I would put this giveaway to good use!

  74. Catherine says:

    I ‘liked’ Francypants Academy on Facebook!

  75. I need so much help on organizing my time. I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete all of my tasks.

  76. Already a fan on facebook 🙂

  77. Posted the

  78. Just Subscribed to Francypants Academy 🙂

  79. Just Subscribed to The Francypants Academy newsletter.

  80. Natalie Park says:

    My entire life needs organization and balance! I’m finding it so incredibly hard to balance my time between work and family. Something needs to change! Here’s to hoping you can help! 🙂

  81. Pam Powell says:

    everything need organizing! My office, my schedule, my bedroom, could all use it the most…

  82. Pam Powell says:

    Fan of Francypants on facebook

  83. Pam Powell says:

    Following kelli on twitter

  84. Pam Powell says:


  85. Pam Powell says:

    signed up for the newsletter…

  86. Nicole Voth says:

    I’m a fan of Francypants Academy on Facebook!

  87. Nicole Voth says:

    I follow @kellifrance on Twitter!@nicolevothphoto

  88. Balancing how to both grow my children and my business could use some organization….it’s HARD to do both!

  89. jodie allen says:

    If I say EVERYTHING it will overwhelm me so I’ll say that right now my meal plan needs the most organizing! We eat out way too often because I just don’t have a plan and then feel I can’t pull it off.

  90. Susie says:

    I am now a fan of Francypants Academy on FB.

  91. Susie says:

    The thing in my life that needs the most organizing is trying to find the balance of time. I am a new photographer trying to start a photography business, and trying to find time to do that with having a full time job and two children, 6 and 1, is a huge struggle.

  92. Claudia Wiedenmann says:

    My daily life, and especially my business needs organization! I seriously need to get it all together! haha! Would love to win! 🙂

  93. Claudia Wiedenmann says:

    Yay! Im a fan on FB! 🙂

  94. Claudia Wiedenmann says:

    Im following ya on Twitter!

  95. Claudia Wiedenmann says:

    I tweeted! username cfwied!

  96. Claudia Wiedenmann says:

    I’ve subscribed to your newsletter! 🙂 pick me pick me!