Je T’aime (Colorado Springs engagement photographer)

This couple drove 9+ hours from Nebraska all the way to Colorado Springs!  And sadly, about a fourth of the way there, they realized that they forgot their clothes and had to turn around to get them! So they were actually on the road for much longer than that! I’m so glad they came though. I decided that I am IN LOVE with photographing couples who are IN LOVE!  It’s so fun!  So if you know of anyone getting married, send them my way for their engagement session.  Oh and my videographer loved it too. You HAVE to see their Cinematic Session video that I’ll be posting tomorrow. It’s so romantic and sweet!

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  1. Oh so adorable, Kelli! I love it!
    I think my favorite is, by far, the shot of their legs all tangled up in the dog leash. Just perfect!

    Wishing for a long and happy marriage for you guys!

  2. Jackie says:

    love love love love LOVE!