Meet Maximus! (Colorado Springs infant photographer)

Meet Maximus Quade France!  It’s such a strong name for our tiny little babe but we think it fits.  Max is SUCH a sweet baby!  He is super chill and we all ADORE him to pieces!  I’m sad he’s already one week old. I wish they could stay newborns forever. I just LOOOOOOVE babies so I’m trying to take in every little noise he makes and expression he gives. My kids are liking him too. They were fighting over whose room he’ll eventually sleep in and right when they get home from school, they run to him so they can be the first to hold him.  Oh the JOY! We are so happy and doing well.
Thank you everyone for all your well wishes! For the next few weeks I’ll be posting a newborn image each day of him because this stage doesn’t last that long so I’ll be taking and sharing lots and lots of pics!

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  1. Congratulations!! Max is precious!

  2. Breanne says:

    Congratulations! He’s adorable!