My failed attempt at getting a pic of all 4 kids

My kids suffer from PKS {Photographer’s Kid Syndrome}. They know exactly what NOT to do when getting their pictures taken. No, that’s not a vampire holding my baby…that’s my 9-year daughter old being a gem!


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  1. I also have 4 kids…ages 6, 9, 12, 14. I had visions of beautiful photos adorning my home with all 4 of my smiling kiddos when I had my 4th. Well….let’s just say they’re lucky to still be alive after trying to get all 4 of them to even look remotely decent in one photo! Best of luck to you! It’s a fantastic adventure as mother of 4 but boy is it a frustrating challenge for us photo moms!!

  2. OMGoodness! I LOVE IT! I have three kids… 15, 6 & 3 and they too suffer from PKS! That’s my new coined phrase! Thanks!What a classic shot! You are awesome! and so blessed! ; )

  3. LOL! Priceless. my children suffer from the same syndrome. The mom put down the camera syndrome. Congratulations to you and your family. Max is precious.

  4. Christineb says:

    ha! classic.

  5. Katie Metka says:

    rats, I thought this syndrome would get better once my oldest turned 4 or 5. she’s just turned 4 and I have three others behind her:) I guess there’s not much hope of getting a decent Christmas photo. But also, congratualations to you!! Your new baby is so adorable, you are so blessed!