Husbands & Photography- a Top 10 list

I don’t talk about Mr. Francypants much but he is my rock. He is SO super supportive of everything I do. I think husbands with photographer’s as wives kinda have to be (either that or they learn to be). I’m sure your man is very supportive of you and ultimately just wants you to be happy.

I promise you that Francypants Academy will make you more happy, more organized, and more money.

What more reasons do you and your husband need? Okay, well read on.


Feel free to use this or read it to him when buttering him up

  1. A happy wife leads to a better wife. and a better wife leads to better… 🙂
  2. You’ll have time to actually cook dinner (no more Captain Crunch)
  3. Who doesn’t want a Sugarmama?
  4. You’ll stop asking him questions like “which do you like better, the baby pink ribbon or the fuschia one?” because you’ll have a killer community of photographers to ask those kinds of questions to
  5. You’ll get some much-needed R&R + girl time at the 2012 Alumni Retreat
  6. Francypants encourages weekly date nights and hubby time so he’ll get more attention than the computer
  7. You’ll be more confident after Francypants Academy and THAT’S sexy
  8. You’ll be more organized with your time leaving more time for the kids/house/dog/etc.
  9. With all the extra money you’ll be making, you can buy him the latest guy gadget or a getaway
  10. Because this is a waaay better Christmas gift for him to give you than the Snuggie blanket he bought you last year

I’m having way too much fun with this.

The count-down is on!
Pre-registration begins on Monday where I will contact the first 50 people on the waiting list and give them 24 hours to sign up. Then I’ll do the same with the next 50, then the next 50, etc. until everyone on the waiting list has had a chance to register before it is open to the public. If the course fills up, I will close enrollment early, so if you’re interested in joining, don’t put this off.


P.S. I’ve just added a BONUS webinar on “Photography + Videography= Luv”

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