Cyber Monday- 50% off everything in the store & BOGO gift certificates

FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: 50% off everything in the Francypants Designs Boutique using coupon code: cybermonday. Offer ends tonight at midnight!
P.S. The Calendars (found in the VIP Client Kit) have been updated to 2012 and 2013

FOR CLIENTS: For Cyber Monday I am offering Buy One, Get one FREE Gift Certificates!  What better gift to give than memories that will be cherished for years.You can buy as many as you would like. Gift Certificates will expire in one year. These may be used on the $150 session fee or products or both. So if you buy $75, you get $150. If you buy $100, you get $200. If you buy $150, you get $300 and if you buy $200, you get $400!

You can buy one for a family member or friend and one for yourself or just keep them all for yourself (mwa-ha-ha). Even if you are out of state but plan to visit Colorado sometime, this is a fabulous option.  Here’s what your Gift Certificate will look like:

Simply select the amount you want to pay for in the Paypal button below. You will receive double the amount you bought. You can only use up to $400 in gift certificates per session. Please let me the address you would like them sent to in the notes and they will be shipped to you ready to put under the tree!!


Gift Certificate for $75.00 USD

Gift Certificate for $150.00 USD

Gift Certificate for $200.00 USD

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