New state. New blog.

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Life has been craaaaazy these past couple months!

We decided to leave Colorado and move closer to my family in Utah so we packed up and headed out super fast!

It was a whirlwind of boxes and chaos but we survived.

We had so much “schtuff” that we filled up a 4-bedroom Uhaul to the brim!

When we arrived in Zion (ha-ha) I told Matt I wanted to just drive the U-haul off the cliff and be rid of all of it.

But alas, we are starting to see the light of the living room (it was wall-to-wall with boxes).

Anyhoo, I also got a new blog design which I’m freaking excited about.

I will now be blogging here instead of on my Francypants Blog. 

I hope to blog a LOT more often because I have so many sessions to share with you so don’t go away.

Alright, peace out.

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