Confidence Conversation Hearts

My life mission is to help teens & women feel more confident. When you have confidence, nothing can stop you! With confidence in yourself, you can achieve your goals without letting doubt or failure get in the way. You can live up to your amazing potential! It’s so so important to believe in yourself!

So for my Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot, I wanted my France Photography Models to leave feeling a little more loved and confident.

After brunch, they each created a Confidence Conversation Heart where they listed one thing they LOVE about themselves on the front.

Then all the girls shared one thing they liked about each other on the back of the heart.


Here’s what my Models wrote (and I totally agree!)

Oh and it makes me SOOO happy to see teenage girls who are confident! Their inner beauty just SHINES through.



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  1. Katherine Frazier says:

    I love this! This is so cute!!! And I checked out Chic Critique! Um how cool is that photographer magazine!!!Kat |