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Hello Lovelies! First thing’s first, I’m Courtney, a 22-year old esthetician of 3 years, with a smokin’ hot husband. I’m one of Kelli’s Makeup Artists and am a total freak about beauty, skin care, fitness and (most important) makeup. Kelli asked me to do “Makeup Mondays” on her adorable blog. We all have had struggles with makeup, so I’m hoping to relieve some of the pain that we experience with the task of getting ready. Don’t stress babes, I’m going to show you EASY ways to look like a rockstar. K, cool… moving on.
The look I’m showing you is what I call “Semi-Smoky Eyes”. I have tiny eyes, so I can sympathize with all the girls that try a “Smoky Eye”, and end up looking like the Hamburglar.
I’ve found that this look is soft enough to wear during the day, but it can be worn out at night and still look totally fab.
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STEP 1: Prep eyes with an eye cream before starting so you don’t have dry patches or tired eyes. I like benefit’s “it’s potent” eye cream. Found HERE:
Apply a couple dots on your brow bone, and under the eye near the eye socket bone. I literally have no idea what it’s called. Dab it in with your ring finger. Let set.


STEP 2: Next, conceal and prime. Honestly, I use a cheap concealer and I find it works totally great. I apply Maybelline’s Coverstick Concealer in Medium Beige, Found HERE:  under my eye and on my lid. I use my ring finger, again, to blend this in. You can use a concealer brush, if you’d like. After that sets, I apply a dot of Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer to my lid and blend with my ring finger, again.


STEP 3: Then you’re ready to apply shadows. For this look, I used the Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection Found HERE:
but you can use any 3 eyeshadows in the same color scheme. I apply “Heaven” (or lightest color) to the inner crease of my eye, near my tear duct, and just on the inner most part of my lid. I use a concealer brush for this and pat it on.
I then, apply “Silk Teddy” as my brow highlight. I apply this on my entire brow bone and blend it up to my brow. I use a concealer brush and pat it on, then blend it with a blending brush.


STEP 4: Next, I apply “Honey Pot” onto my lid. I use the same technique of dabbing it on with my concealer brush, then blending it with my blending brush.
To create the “smoky” look of it now, I apply “Pushup” (daytime) or “Chocolate Martini” (night) to the outermost part of the crease. Create a inverted V, by then connecting the crease to outer corner of the lash line. I blend this with my blending brush. Be careful about how much you apply… a little goes a long way. I also use this color against the bottom of my lower lashes. I apply from the outer corner of my eye, to about the middle of my lash line. Use an angled brush to apply, then blend with a blending brush. You can then build on this until you have the amount, you desire.


STEP 5: From here, you can apply liner. I use a liquid liner, but gel looks great as well. I use Maybelline’s Line Stiletto in Brownish Black Found HERE: Apply this across the upper lash line. You can drag it into a cat eye if you want eyes to look bigger.
I then use a pencil on my water line. I apply black on the outer half and white on the inner half. Applying all black on the water line makeseyes appear smaller, applying all white makes them look bigger. I like how the black on the outer half, creates a more dramatic effect. Honestly, I have no idea where I got my pencils from… I think Target? Haha!
Apply mascara, or if you want a fun look for a night out, put on a lash strip!
Inline image 1
Hope you all enjoyed this FIRST makeup Monday! Feel free to comment on tutorials you’d like to see me from in the future.

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