All About Brows | Makeup Monday

by Kelli’s Makeup Artist, Courtney Glasglow

HONEY LISTEN! I’m so friggin excited to talk about my ULTIMATE fav
subject today…. EYEBROWS! I know it’s like super trendy right now to
obsess over your brows, but I’ve like… obsessed over brows for the
past 3 years. Eyebrows are, in my opinion, the single most important feature on
your face. They completely frame your face and if your brows suck, you
suck. I’m joking, you don’t suck, but if I see you in public with bad
brows, I will judge you. SO to avoid this, I am here to be your
eyebrow sensei. First things first, put the tweezers down. I’m not
joking. Go to a professional and get mapped. MEANING, you go to a brow
bar or something similar and have your esthetician map your perfect
brow to your face. Most likely, they will advise you to wax- so then
you have them wax your brows. If you are unable to wax, you can ask to
be professionally tweezed. After you’ve been professionally mapped,
and waxed (or tweezed) ask to have your esthetician/brow specialist
teach you how to fill your brows. This is important. Angular brows
look better than half-circle brows and sometimes it takes a
professional to tell you that, in order for you to listen and apply
it. Here are my fav products for filling brows.


The BROW ZINGS by Benefit Cosmetics:



This compact is a wax/powder duo that is SO easy to work with. Wax
holds the brow in place and powder looks very natural. Together, they
create your perfect brow without looking too drawn on, but they hold
their place all day. This product is brow-mazing. LOLZ

Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencils:


These pencils are the finest brow pencils you can buy. If you’re into a
super natural look, you’re going to love this product.

After you’ve created your perfect brow, you need to highlight your
brow bone. This defines your arch more and gives it a good lift. If
you have light skin, highlight with a light pink, brow highlight. If
you have darker skin, you want to use a champagne tone highlighter.

You all should feel showered with knowledge. You’re welcome. Until next week…

xoxo, Courtney

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  1. Joyce Smith says:

    I do feel showered with knowledge. Thank you for the wonderful knowledge!