My Farewell to Chic Critique

I’m writing this post with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. Three and a half years ago, right after I had my 4th child, my husband and I created Chic Critique. Our mission was to help women photographers have a strong community, get professional critiques, and gain knowledge on how to create fabulous photos and a successful photography business in order to feel more confident. Our timing was crazy with a new baby and we joked that it was like having twins.

Chic Critique is my baby. My husband and I have nurtured it, lost sleep because of it, learned so much in the process, and found great joy from it. We have put our hearts and souls into making it something fabulously unique. From the Chic Retreats, Celebrity Secrets Live events, 17,000 newsletter readers, and a dozen issues of Chic Magazine, Chic Critique has grown into a beautiful, boomin’ business that I am SO incredibly proud of.

However, I also have 4 other babies who are growing up very fast. My daughter is officially a teenager now and will only be in our home for 5 more years before she goes off on her own (which she’s been talking about since she was four- ha!). Now is the time to focus more on them and be more present in their lives.

It’s been an amazing ride…one I have cherished. It took a lot of soul searching and long talks with my husband (and, honestly, even bravery) to be ready to say this…but it’s time for me to move on. Chic Critique continues to grow, and with that growth it needs (and, more importantly, deserves) more time, energy, and resources. In order to better serve photographers like you, I want Chic Critique to become all that it can become. I’m learning that sometimes the hardest thing is realizing when it’s time to let your baby fly so it can continue to grow. So the great news is that, Chic Critique is here to stay! I LOVE Chic Critique and I want to see its success continued. Therefore, I have decided to hand it over to someone that will take it to the next level. I’m super excited for the new Editor-in-Chief (hint, it’s a past Celebrity Photographer!) to use her unique talents to make it even better! She is very business savvy and super organized so I know she’ll do an amazing job. Check out the Chic Critique blog tomorrow to find out who she is.

THANK YOU for sharing your hearts with me and my husband. We have met SO many amazing women on this journey, whom we now consider to be our dear friends. Chic Critique wouldn’t be what it is without YOU, the fans and Chic Members. We have loved getting to know you, hear your stories, and watch you grow into fabulous photographers. You have truly touched and enriched our lives and we hope to continue to keep in touch with you all.


So I guess this is farewell. This isn’t goodbye. I’ll be back. I couldn’t ever walk away from a baby so I won’t ever truly “leave”. I’ll be popping in from time to time. 

And I better be asked to be a Speaker at the next Chic Retreat ;0) 


What’s next for me? I love to empower women to look & feel more confident so I’ve got some fun fashion projects in the works and I’m also currently offering fitness mentoring. Stay tuned…

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