My Wardrobe Workshop!

Several years ago when I had a new baby & a toddler (now I have 4 kids!), I had let myself go as a Mom. I remember calling a friend and bawling to her because I hadn’t plucked my eyebrows in weeks! (ie no plucking=UNIbrow) She told me that I HAD to take care of myself and she was right! When I was in high school & college I was very stylish. But when I became a mom, I lost that stylish girl who loved to play dress-up and I began to feel less like ME! I felt like there was a better version of me just bursting to come out. So I found my inner fashionista again and I can’t tell you how much better I felt.

My WARDROBE WORKSHOP is for busy moms who want to get their sexy back (or find it in the first place-ha!) This 4-week workshop will help you save tons of money because you’ll stop spending money on all the wrong things! After this workshop, you’re gonna walk out the door and think, “Daaang I look good!” 

You’ll gain confidence and be a better Mom & wife because when you look good, you feel good, and then you DO GOOD. I’m ALLL about Moms filling their cups so they can fill others. You can’t pour from an empty cup. 

Learn how to:

  • Find your own style with Kelli’s style quiz
  • Implement Kelli’s Fashion Formula
  • Accessorize & organize your jewelry
  • Top 10 Wardrobe Must-Haves
  • Do a Closet Cleanse
  • Be bold, brave, and bright
  • Flatter your Figure & shop your shape
  • 4 colors that look good on everyone
  • Dress fashionably without looking like a teenager or fashion victim
  • Upgrade an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary
  • Shop for timeless clothes (that you can add trendy accents to) so you won’t spend money on clothes that go out of style
  • How to shop on a budget & make your clothes last longer so you spend less
  • Look good in photos & FEEL FABULOUS!!!



  • 4 Weeks of daily deliverables via email & in the “Closet Community” for easy access
  • Short n’ sweet 5-10 min videos/tutorials for the busy mom
  • Simple yet fun fashion assignments to implement
  • New fashion friends & support from other Moms in the “Closet Community”
  • One-on-one Closet Consultation with Kelli (via FaceTime/Skype) to help you clean out your closet, dress for special event or pair outfits together.

{$125 value!}

  • $10 GIFT CARD to Mindy Mae’s Boutique!
  • 4 “Makeup Monday” videos with Kelli’s Best Beauty tips
  • Shopping Guide PDF -list of Kelli’s fave stores to shop at & some coupon codes

***RISK-FREE GUARANTEE: If you don’t feel more fabulous after implementing the training tasks in this workshop, you can have a full refund.


Starts Monday, November 9th. ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT!!!

I’d love to chat! Email at with any questions.


Wardrobe Workshop + Closet Community:

1 payment of $97

Wardrobe Workshop, Closet Community, AND Closet Consultation with Kelli (via FaceTime/Skype):

1 payment of $197

3 payments of $69

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