My honest review of Rodan + Fields Lash Boost

I gotta be honest, I was extremely skeptical about Rodan & Field’s Lash Boost. I had very little faith that it would make my lashes longer but I kept hearing how amazing it was from different people. I finally decided I’d try it out since my lashes were pretty lackluster and thin from wearing lash extensions in the past. 

Each night I would apply the Lash Boost on my eyes like it was eyeliner. I didn’t notice much difference after a few weeks so I wasnkinds hesitant to continue using it.

Nevertheless, I continued applying it each night before I went to bed and about 5 weeks later I started to notice little baby lashes growing in. They were very fine hairs so they weren’t very noticeable. 

I’m so glad I was consistent and faithful in the Lash Boost product because after about 8 weeks, my lashes POPPED! I kept touching them because they were long like lash extensions and felt like butterfly wings! I  was SO giddy! 

Some of the hairs are still so fine but when I put mascara on, they look amazinggg!!! I’m seriously surprised at how long my lashes turned out! My R+F rep, Marci Yochum, told me that they get even longer after about 12 weeks of consistent usage so Imma keep going! I’m also going to start using Lash Boost on my eyebrows to make those thicker (because I didn’t realize you could do that until now). Basically I’m hooked and I totally think it’s worth the investment if you’re looking for a solution to make your lashes longer without getting lash extensions. 

P.S. My R+F rep said she’d give you all an exclusive discount if you wanna try it including FREE Preferred Customer Enroll ($20 cash back) and additional $10 cash back for $100 or more purchase!!! Check it out HERE

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