One Goal For 100 Days


 Did you know that according to studies, 92% of New Year’s resolutions fail? That’s crazy! Why is this? Here’s my theory: I believe that we typically overcommit and overwhelm ourselves. One year I had over 20 goals that I wanted to accomplish and I got none of them. Looking back I realize I completely overwhelmed myself. Back in 2020 I created a challenge 1 goal for 100 days. Since then hundreds of women have joined in to focus on just ONE thing for 100 days and the impact it makes in their lives is real. 

So this January, I’m starting it again and I want you to join me. Listen in today as I share my three “C’s” to help you be successful, more about the challenge, how you can join, and why you should get obsessed with the messy middle. 


1:04 Overwhelming Ourselves With Too Many Goals
2:26 One Goal for 100 Days
4:53 Commitment, Consistency, Cheerleader/Coach
9:13 Give Yourself an Orientation Week
13:55 Track Your Progress
15:38 Building Habits
17:00 Set Yourself Up For Failure
19:46 Surround Yourself With Support
25:07 Gaining More Confidence

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