Mentoring: Francypants Academy

I am considering doing another round of mentoring (aka “Francypants Academy”) starting in Sept.  I have been meaning to put together a website for it but have had no time with the move.  Just wanted to see if anyone is interested.  Email me at for more details if you are interested.  Space is limited to only 5 students.  AND I will now accept students in Northern Nevada but not in Colorado Springs.
Here’s what one of my previous students said about Francypants Academy:

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to take the Francypants Academy Mentoring Course. All of the lessons and assignments inspired, motivated and educated me, and the knowledge, expertise and ideas that Kelli so openly offered far exceeded my expectations. She provided the tools and resources that will give me an edge in this business, and that would have taken years to learn and develop on my own. It was truly an awesome experience and I’m bubbling over with excitement to move forward! If you’re serious and passionate about photography, I highly recommend this course. It’s definitely a terrific and worthwhile investment!”  ~Terri Bleile

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