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funrichIf you know me at all, you know that I am a sucker for parenting books and other self-help books.  Well, this summer I finished two very good books that I wanted to recommend to you.  They are both a bit old-school when it comes to the publishing date but the principles are timeless.  

I especially loved the “Are we having fun yet?” parenting book because it discusses ways to enjoy your children.  The author had 10 kids of her own so I gotta give her props!  Some of the quotes and ideas in there were so refreshing encouraging us to relax and laugh with our children.  I wanted to quote it but alas, I cannot find it so it must be hidden in a box somewhere–baa!

The budgeting book that I read titled “Rich on any income” was seriously such good practical advice for keeping a budget.  It was actually an answer to prayers because it had specific ideas on how to maintain a budget no matter what your income.  

I want to buy a copy for all of my friends because these books were so amazing.  They are dirt cheap on Amazon too– only $.20 + shipping!  Just had to share in case anyone needed a good read or something to guide them in parenting or budgeting.

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