blasted bead!

February 5, 2010

So this morning, my 3 yr-old son comes up to me and puts a bead up his nose right in front of my face.  “Don’t do that. It’s dangerous!” I tell him while taking it away.  I thought that was the end of it.  About 2 minutes later, he tells me that there’s something up his nose. When I walk into the playroom, I discover an entire jar of tiny little beads on the floor. LOVELY!  I thought it would be easy to get out but, OH NO…not the case.  That blasted bead was lodged way up there in the dark crevices of his little nostril.  UGH.  So much for going to aerobics.  Instead, I take him to the Doctor’s office and $30 later, it’s out.  Such an interesting way to start your day.  Thank heavens it’s date night tonight.  I need a break!
I thought of posting pictures but that’s not something I think either of us wants to remember again ;0)

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