Recipes for Haiti

The other day my daughter asked me if she could go to another country.
I said, “Sure, but it costs lots of money so you’d have to save up for a while.”

Then I asked, “Where would you want to go? Would you like to travel to France since it’s our last name?”

“No, I’d want to go to Haiti to help the people.”

I just about started crying when she said that (I’m almost crying right now as I type this) because it totally caught me off guard and showed me how sweet and tender-hearted she was.

If you are like my daughter and myself, I’m sure you have felt helpless for the people of Haiti.  Not really knowing what one person…YOU…could possibly do to help. Of course, we can pray for them. But right now, that doesn’t seem like enough.  Well, the other day, as I was reading my cleverly creative friend’s blog, I was totally INSPIRED and heart-warmed by her and all of her “foodie” friends.


If you have felt a desire to give something to the Haitian people,

please consider purchasing the

Blog Aid for Haiti Cookbook


Conceptualized three weeks ago by the remarkable, talented, and kind Julie Van Rosendaal

the Blog Aid for Haiti Cookbook is now available for purchase.

Over the last three weeks, Julie–and a group of incredible designers–have worked tirelessly to make the BlogAid for Haiti Cookbook a reality. Bringing together some of the webs most luscious food bloggers, the book offers incredible recipes and photographs, making it a must-have cookbook for your pantry collection. I can not begin to thank Julie enough, or to awe over her ability to create such a beautiful community effort for the Haitian people, in a matter of days.


100% of the Blog Aid for Haiti proceeds will be donated to

Doctors Without Borders and the American Red Cross.

Better yet? Both West Canadian Graphics AND are matching the dollar amount of proceeds raised up to $10,000. And, until February 12th, the Canadian government will match those funds.

So, every dollar you spend will be matched and quadrupled.

Since we can’t travel to Haiti, my daughter is pitching in some of her allowance to buy one with me.

Order your Blog Aid for Haiti Cookbook TODAY.

Softcover available here -or- Hardcover available here. Further details here.

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