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It’s been a crazy summer! I’ve either had a houseguests or been a houseguest!  But it’s all been very fun, just distracting.  I have been meaning to answer the questions that those of you asked in my Ask Me Anything post so here is one of my answers.

My biggest question is how to get more clients. I have been in business for about a year. Everything I get right now is word of mouth. Which I know is probably the best. But I love any ideas on how to get even more clients. Thanks. I am excited to see all your answers!


You are absolutely right that the majority of clients you will get will be word of mouth.  My philosophy on marketing is to work from the inside-out, meaning that you SPOIL your current clients and be sure that they have tools for bragging including: tagged images on Facebook, watermarked blog images to share with friends & family, as well as complimentary small prints for them to show off to everyone they know.  I believe the best way to get clients is to literally go out and get them.  Most of us started out asking friends and family if we could take their pictures and this created a ripple effect with their friends & family wanting a session from you as well.  In order to maintain that ripple effect, you need to decide how many sessions you can handle per week or month and then be sure you are doing that many sessions, regardless of whether they are paying clients or just friends and family.    So if you want 4 clients a month, photograph 4 people a month.  Basically, you have to work for work. Eventually, by doing a few complimentary sessions (where you waive the session fee, still offer prints, and not necessarily give them all away for free), you will build up a reputation and clientele so that you won’t need to go out and find work anymore, it will come to you.  BUT, that requires that you treat your clients well (and of course, take quality portraits) so that they will be compelled to tell others about you and you won’t have to anymore.

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