Let the voting begin!

I am overwhelmed by the response to my FREE Online Mentoring Give-away Contest. We have over 200 contestants participating. If you are one of the contestants, get everyone you know to vote for you here. Voting ends Sunday, Feb. 13th at midnight PST. Winner will be announced on this blog on Valentine’s Day. Good luck!
If you are voting, simply scroll down and look for the person’s name you will be voting for. They are listed in alphabetical order by first name. Be sure to click “Done” after you’ve selected the person’s name that you voted for.

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  1. Deanna says:

    GO KATH!

  2. Brian Cluka says:

    Awesome photographer!

  3. Kaitlin says:

    Heidi is awesome!

  4. Carla says:

    Judith is a fabulous person and would be an excellent student!


  6. Janet Newcity says:

    Christine Long is a wonderful photographer!

  7. Margaret Gottsacker says:


  8. Rebecca Smith-Almos says:

    Good luck Jessica!

  9. Shelly Burke says:

    Elizabeth Bailey does the BEST photography work I have ever seen!!!!! She is the bomb!!!

  10. Raquel says:

    Love your work!

  11. Lori Mountford says:

    Courtneys got my vote!!

  12. Melissa Pickering says:

    Good Luck, Jamie!!!

  13. Aimee says:

    Good luck Judith!

  14. Tammy says:


  15. Jessica is the best of the best.

  16. Dominique says:

    GO GO ELIZABETH BAILEY!!!! She’s a beautiful person with amazing talent!

  17. Leslie says:

    Jessica W. rocks!

  18. Judy Beetzel says:

    Good Luck, Elizabeth!

  19. Laura Creighton says:

    I love Adria!

  20. Kirk says:

    Yeah Jessica!

  21. sandra Jones says:

    Andrea would be a worthwhile student. She is tenacious, efficient, and has a great eye for people and their spirit. I am confident she will capture this in her pictures.

  22. Mark says:

    I think Judith is a dedicated photographer and would be a great apprentice.

  23. janie says:


  24. Ani Lunsford Karg says:

    Go Destinee! <3

  25. Tonya Suits says:

    StudioD is the best!

  26. Alicia says:

    Andrea is the best and would be a wonderful student!!

  27. Lisa Sutton says:

    I voted for Roxanne Wride. She has done truly amazing things with her photography. I am super happy that she is in this contest. I hope she is honored to win.

  28. Lisa Sutton says:

    I am amaized at what Roxanne Wride has done with her photography. I hope she is honored to win this contest.

  29. Marissa Ruehs says:

    Andrea Wiess is truly a gifted photographer! I enjoy every photo she posts…. especially the babies!!!

  30. Tyler Smith says:

    Courtney DeLaura is the best!!

  31. Sharon Cate says:

    Love Jessica and Studio D!

  32. sly says:

    Beth is a wonderful person

  33. Jenny says:

    GO Heather!!!

  34. freddie says:

    Go beth go, she’s the best

  35. freddie says:

    go beth go, shes the best

  36. glen says:

    vote foe beth she got what it takes

  37. Carmen Morales says:


  38. Nate says:

    Good Luck!

  39. ashley says:

    I voted for Jessica Wolfenden!!!!

  40. Abby says:

    I loved working with Jessica Wolfenden at Studio D!

  41. Trudy says:

    Go Beth!

  42. Laura Wing says:

    Wooooo Hooooo Andrea Weiss!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Collette says:

    Please vote for Jeanine Krupp her work is beautiful!

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  45. kanani says:

    Go LIZZY!

  46. karen smith says:

    love the subjects and the fun look of the way they are displayed

  47. Jen says:

    Lizzy is AMAZING!!!!!! Lizzy Shawcroft….totally the best 🙂

  48. andrea says:


  49. Stephanie Pedersen says:

    Thank you for such a great opportunity! I hope I win!

  50. andrew says:

    jeanine krupp is a beautiful photographer.

  51. Katie Smith says:

    Melissa Zimmerman is fantastic! Her ideas and photos inspire me to become a better photographer!

  52. Bronson Nye says:


  53. paul owens says:

    Courtney is incredibly gifted with a camera and is always seeking new, exciting paths of expression…

  54. cec says:

    You go girl!

  55. Karen says:

    Go Katie Derus!!!!

  56. Bob says:


  57. Bruce says:


  58. Laura says:

    yay kath!

  59. Bryan says:

    Jeanine needs to win!

  60. Alissa Heim says:

    YAY Katie!

  61. valeria says:


  62. Tammy says:

    way to go Melissa!!!

  63. Brenda Timmons says:

    Lori Robison is the best.

  64. beth yee says:

    good luck, christine!

  65. michelle says:

    Heidi is awesome!

  66. Jim T. says:

    Kelly G. rocks!

  67. penny chase says:


  68. heidi says:

    Go Melissa Go

  69. Go Desirae Young! Good Luck

  70. Craig Minewa says:


  71. Craig Minewa says:


  72. Nancy Arnold says:

    Go D Young photography!!!!

  73. Danielle says:

    Breanne is FANTASTIC!!

  74. LeighAnn says:


  75. Sarah Beth Ramsey says:

    Jessica Wolfenden from Studio D is fabulous in every way!!

  76. Shannon says:

    Hope Desirae wins!!

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  78. Vicki Adkins says:

    Jessica is the most creative & talented photographer! This would be an excellent opportunity for her!

  79. laurie says:

    Jackie is so great at finding that specialness in every picture she takes!!

  80. Dave says:

    Go Angie!

  81. Kim (madnicmom) says:

    Good Luck PolkaDotPenquin!

  82. Sara Zentner says:

    Destinee is the best! Everyone in Asheville uses her. Even novelists like Stephanie Perkins!

  83. Brandy Van says:

    Please pick Brandy, she is a great person and deserves to win!

  84. I voted for Des! 🙂

  85. Aubree Berry says:

    Love Kelly!

  86. Teresa says:

    I hope you win Leeann – you deserve it!

  87. Reuben Scholtens says:

    Go Amy!

  88. Eileen Phillips says:

    Amy Stephens is a wonderfully talented photographer! She’s personable, takes her time to produce a good product, focuses on details, and is very patient with children. She would be an excellent candidate for mentoring!

  89. Brenda says:

    Good luck Beth Phelps-Lambert!

  90. Jessica Ingrassia says:

    Amy Stephens!! Amazing Talent!

  91. Lori says:

    Hope you win!

  92. Lindsay Sluder says:

    Jessica Wolfenden is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Tricia says:

    Lindsay Silsby is AMAZING! Check her out http://www.piedpiperphotography.com

  94. Pam says:

    Katie Derus is a fun, energetic, and very talented young photographer that you will really enjoy mentoring. Go Katie!

  95. Leslie Monaco says:

    Amy Stephens is awesome!

  96. Leslie says:

    Good Luck Amy Stephens!

  97. Tara Putzy says:

    WOO HOO!!! Go DOodie!!!

  98. Jodie Leschuk says:

    Go Kim!

  99. jenice says:

    Nicole Hager does great work!

  100. jane says:


  101. Rachel says:


  102. TaNia Houpt says:

    Good luck brandi!!!

  103. Cathy Fischer says:

    Good luck to Jackie @ Capture Your Moment Photography! She’s very inspiring to those of us who are just getting into Photography! Her work is awesome!

  104. Lisa says:

    Amy Stephens!

  105. Justin says:

    Go get em!

  106. Jessica Erickson says:

    Voting for Lori Robison – she is sooooo deserving!!!!

  107. Heather Mellinger says:


  108. Vineca Gray says:

    Really great candidates!

  109. Cara Saucedo says:

    You are Amazing! Goodluck 🙂 I ♥ U!!

  110. sarah powlison says:

    Go K.A!

  111. Kanyika says:

    All the best Angie!

  112. Lisa Amore says:

    PS: You should tell people that they then have to scroll to the very bottom of the list to hit the DONE button.

  113. Jen says:

    Go Jeanine!

  114. Amy is very talented!

  115. Vilma Short says:

    Lover her! Did my son’s Wedding.

  116. Terri Palma says:

    Diana Cherry has a fine eye for photography.

  117. Linda Nargi says:

    Voting for Carmen! : )

  118. Nathan Jones says:

    Good luck!

  119. Stephanie Griffiths says:

    Lizzy is the girl you want!!

  120. Patricia Bradley says:

    D. Blau does great work….Love it

  121. Suzanne Squire says:

    You have a lot of talent!

  122. Sarah says:

    Go Desirae, you coupon picture taking queen 🙂

  123. tania houpt says:

    go brandi!!!!

  124. amy says:

    beautiful pictures!

  125. heather says:

    Great site!

  126. Jana says:

    Amy Stephens. Love her! She’s the best!! She captures thepersonality and spirit in her pictures.

  127. Cheri says:

    Voting for Adria!

  128. Victoria Ober says:

    Go misty!

  129. Justin H says:

    Good luck, Carmen!

  130. Susan says:

    Go Amy Stephens!

  131. C. Ferriss says:

    Good luck, Angie!

  132. Betty Mitchell says:

    Her photos always touch my heart and soul. Good luck Wendi!

  133. kathy stephens says:

    Lori Robison is very talented & I love the way her pictures have a vintage effect to them,& everyone in the photographs always looks like they are having so much fun ,you wish you were there 🙂


  135. Lisa Davis says:


  136. Desirae, she’s the best!@

  137. Jacqueline says:

    Good luck Erin!! xx

  138. Tricia Lee says:

    Angie’s work is amazing!

  139. Paula Marshall says:

    Good luck amy S.

  140. Jessica says:

    Go Kim! Your pictures are amazing!!!

  141. Gretchen Clark says:

    Nicole Hager is so talented and truly knows how to “capture” people!

  142. Katie says:


  143. Debbie Crites says:

    Go Amy!

  144. jordi says:

    she is a great photographer

  145. Katie says:

    Angie Griffith is the best!

  146. Larry Marshall says:

    Good luck!

  147. Larissa Call says:

    Go Desitnee!

  148. Tiffany Marshall says:

    Go Amy!

  149. Janet says:

    Go Janie

  150. Becky Diaz says:

    Brandi is very talented!

  151. JC says:

    Good Luck Nicolio!!!

  152. Chad says:

    Amy Stephens has an incredible eye and a warmth that shows in her work.

  153. Julie Routh says:

    Go Misty!

  154. Kathi Hilfer says:

    Good Luck, Jackie!

  155. Brandy Scott says:

    Amy is passionate about photography, and deserves to win!

  156. Corinne Lytle says:

    Toni Price is a great photographer and has a great personality. She is a pleasant to work with. Every situation is a fun experience with her.

  157. Jim Broome says:


  158. Kara Cartwright says:

    I am very impressed with Carmen Morales’ work…beautiful talent.

  159. sonya says:

    Good Luck Desirae Young!!

  160. Kristin says:

    Go Amy Stephens!!

  161. barbara barrie says:

    This gal really deserves the award. She will do a great job.

  162. Paula Kwalik says:

    yay KA!

  163. Bob Henry says:

    I hope Desirae wins too!

  164. Kelsey says:

    Go Desirae!!!!!

  165. cheryl says:

    Angie Griffith rocks!

  166. Elizabeth Krumnow says:

    No one deserves this more and will truly appreciate this opportunity like Andrea Weiss

  167. Linda M. says:

    Whooo hoooo!!! Go Kathy!!! You rock!!

  168. Tish Evans says:

    Cassie Larson has a great professional attitude. She is eager to learn and jumps at every opportunity to increase her perspective. She would be a joy to teach and is someone who will be noticed in the future.

  169. Casey says:

    Go Victoria you are a great photographer!!!!!

  170. Margie Hitch says:

    Brandi is an amazingly talented photographer!

  171. Robert Davis says:

    Go Cassie

  172. Kelly says:

    Vote for Cassie!

  173. Jaylyn says:

    Good Luck, Kim!

  174. jana says:

    good luck Jordan! 🙂

  175. anita weinzatl says:

    andrea,you have a God giving talent. praying that God blesses you with this.

  176. Katie Thomas says:

    When Lindsay came to the states (Arizona) from England. I flew her to Utah to take my family photos. She’s that good!

  177. Jennifer shomaker says:

    Go Danielle!

  178. My vote is for Kelly Ferreira!

  179. Bernarda says:

    Go Gita :))

  180. Deb Haberer says:

    She is uniquely talented. Always catching what you didn’t even know you wanted!!! The BEST.

  181. kristen says:

    good luck kelly!!!

  182. Misty Winkler says:

    Katie Derus ROCKS!!!

  183. Hope Desirae wins too!

  184. Cassie Brant says:

    Amy Hoogstad is an amazing photographer!!! She truly knows how to capture the spirit of the moment.

  185. Chantelle Black says:

    Good luck Doreena!! You take awesome pictures!!!!

  186. D. MOREM says:


  187. Hope says:

    Christine Long is a very talented photographer.

  188. Maria says:

    Good luck Danielle!

  189. susan martin says:

    I voted for desirae!

  190. Shanda says:

    Elise Airmet!! Hope you win!

  191. Kris says:

    GO MISTY!!

  192. Chelsea says:

    Katie Derus 🙂

  193. Taylor says:

    Good luck Kara Jo!!

  194. Jilian says:

    Lizzy deserves it, she works really hard, and is great at what she does!

  195. Denise Goss says:

    Good luck Kelly!

  196. Lindsay says:

    Kristin P you have a wonderful talent!! Love all your pics you take!

  197. J Levay says:

    Go Angie! J

  198. kevin says:

    Good luck Toni! She is a great photographer!WWW.tonipricephoto.com

  199. Lindsay says:

    Go Kristin P!!!!

  200. Bev says:

    Kelly Ferreira is an excellent photographer and a wonderful person!

  201. Lisa duke says:

    Kara Jo Eaton is a wonderful person & brilliant photographer!

  202. Julie Williams says:

    Go Desirae, Go!

  203. Deanna Benzick says:

    Woo hoo Deb Johnson!!

  204. Hollie says:

    Kayla is awesome!! Good Luck!!

  205. Jessi Hankins says:

    Whoo-hoo Daisha!!! Just launching into wedding photography!

  206. Ana Randolph says:

    Yay Daisha!

  207. Christine Chubenko says:

    Yeah J9!

  208. Anna Borchers says:

    Go Daisha!

  209. Lee Rhodes says:

    Beth’s Photography is inspirational

  210. Michael says:

    GO KIM!!!

  211. Danny Harrison says:

    Jordon Eaks is the one!!!!!!

  212. Amy Stephens, awesome talent and deserving of this mentorship!!!

  213. Patti Raygor says:

    Desirae is doing such a great job with her photos, I love them!!

  214. Laura Bynum says:

    Jessica w/ Studio D is the best! Love you girl. Wish you the best of luck!

  215. Pam Lane says:


  216. Jamie Hawkins says:

    Hope Desirae wins too!!

  217. kate says:

    GO Bekah GO!

  218. David K says:

    Amy Stephens!

  219. uzzi says:


  220. Debra Sheets says:

    Daisha’s beautiful pictures are taken with love!

  221. Thanks everyone for the votes! I truly appreciate it!! :]

  222. Bette Harper says:

    Best of luck to you Beth.

  223. Drenay says:

    Jordy! Jordy! Jordy! Jordy!JORDAN NEEDS TO WIN, omg! please and tank yousss :]

  224. Emma Green says:

    Go Nicole!!! She should win, she is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  225. Amber says:

    go Bekah!

  226. Kathy says:

    Daisha is talented!

  227. Cindee says:

    Daisha Sheets is a gifted and imaginative photographer and a totally charming person. I vote for HER!!!

  228. cam barber says:

    good luck Beth !

  229. amy e says:

    You pictures are so cool!

  230. Natalie says:

    Go, Amy Hoogstad

  231. DIANE EATON says:

    Kara is one if the best photographers..she is AWESOME!!!

  232. LESLIE! says:


  233. Kathy says:

    Go Daisha!

  234. Jenn says:

    Desirae rocks, pick her 🙂

  235. Christy says:

    Good luck dana tate!

  236. Jeannie Williams says:

    GO Michelle =D Yay!

  237. cara says:

    Good luck Deb

  238. Julie Miller says:

    Christine is awesome!

  239. Lisa Weik says:

    Good luck Amy Stephens!

  240. Carol says:


  241. Amber says:

    Go Judith!!!

  242. Karli says:

    Go Jackie!

  243. Sandy Deal says:

    Go Des—Best of luck to you Girlie!!!!

  244. Kristen says:

    Good Luck Misty!

  245. Beth Nelson says:

    Hooray Heather DeFriest!! True Talent xo

  246. Katie Collard says:

    I hope you win Elizabeth Bailey…you are amazing and will be even more so!!!

  247. Dean Curry says:

    Go Brandi Corriveau!!!!!!!!!!

  248. Aunt Becky says:

    Rachel takes unique pictures!She somehow captures the REAL person in her photos.
    Check out her pictures at:
    Go Rachel!
    I hope you win this contest!

  249. Leigh Ann says:

    Heather Hart Defriest is AMAZING!! GO HEATHER!

  250. janel says:

    good luck!

  251. Julie Powers says:

    Jennifer Wakefield is Awesome! Good luck!

  252. shelley says:

    Kara Jo Photography is amazing!

  253. Katy King says:

    Go Amy! You are awesome!

  254. Tabatha says:

    Yay Carmen!

  255. Mimi Foster says:

    Carmen has a great eye and great artistic vision.

  256. Elin says:

    Yeah Kath <3

  257. Carol Shanahan says:

    Go Bekah!

  258. Clutch says:


  259. craig hart says:


  260. Shell costain says:

    Carmen Morales is an incredible photographer and an amazing gift in photographing children… Love her work!!!

  261. Bob Vance says:

    Good Luck Carmen

  262. Marlene says:

    Dana Tate is awesome! Good luck!

  263. Tara Tague says:

    Best of luck Jordan! You have taken beautiful pictures of my granddaughters.

  264. Angela says:

    Karly captures the most beautiful images with her camera!

  265. Karen Albritton says:

    Jessica Wolfenden is dedicated to photography and deserves this chance!

  266. Juanita says:

    Heather Hart Defriest your work is creative and beautiful! Your passion shows in your photos! Good luck!

  267. Jessica T. says:

    Oh I so hope you win Michele Reyes! You are truly talented at what you do!!!

  268. beth says:

    Amy Stephens!!!

  269. Melissa says:

    Angie Rocks!

  270. Robin says:

    Jessica is awesome.

  271. peter says:

    good luck, Angie

  272. Tina Oermann says:

    Good Luck Dana!

  273. Anne says:

    Good luck, Angie!

  274. Lindsay says:

    Katie is a very talented photographer!

  275. Sheila Downey says:

    Beth is completely passionate about her art, and would be an engaging and gratifying student.

  276. Grace McFarland says:

    Good luck, Christine.Grace McFarland


  277. Nicole says:

    Good Luck Beth!!

  278. Rhonda says:

    Go K:D GO!! I always look forward to your new posts regarding your work! I am always in awe as it is amazing! Best of luck Kath 🙂

  279. Ashley says:

    Go Des!

  280. Tauna says:


  281. Bobbie Smith says:

    Yea, Nicole! Good Job!!

  282. colleen says:

    go Julie Nickerson go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  283. colleen says:

    go Julie Nickerson Go!!!!!!!

  284. Joesmom says:

    Leeann Hadgis is an extremely talented photographer!

  285. Vilma Short says:

    Go Angela go!

  286. Laura Cornett says:

    Go Kim!!!! I hope you win this amazing opportunity!

  287. Madeline Eaks says:

    Jordan is the best! She really deserves this!! GO JORDAN!!! = )

  288. Sheryl Catsburg says:

    Go Jeanine Krupp! Your work and talent are great!

  289. Autumn Gardner says:


  290. Leona Huber says:

    Go Vickie Volk Go!!

  291. marcia says:

    Elise is the best. She knows how to bring the best out in people and is so fun to work with!!

  292. lori fleming says:

    Desirae is a wonderful photographer!

  293. Joyce says:

    Beth, I can’t think of anyone that would make better use of this idea!! Your photos continue to inspire me!

  294. Meredith says:

    Leeann Hadgis Photography is the best!

  295. Megan says:

    Elise I love you girl!

  296. Kyle says:

    Michele deserves this so much. She not only dedicates herself to capturing the absolute beauty of babies and mothers but she IS the most beautiful mother. I love her and everyone should vote for her.

  297. nytrydr(L4P) says:

    Go Carmen!

  298. Tammy M says:

    Toni Price Rocks!! She is so creative and always listens to what you really want even if you are not sure yourself!

  299. Laurie says:

    Good Luck Danielle!!

  300. Natasha says:

    Go Heather Hart DeFriest!! You’re the best! 🙂

  301. Michelle Van Egdom says:

    Rachael is a wonderful sister, and loves learning everything she can about photography…she would make a wonderful student!

  302. Luann says:

    Good LUCK Nickki Hope you Win!!!

  303. Gidget Long says:

    Amy Stephens is a fabulous photographer and has the passion to be great student!

  304. Pam DeVillo says:

    Go Desirae!!

  305. Quinton lindsey says:

    Good luck Toni….and I need to set up a time with you.

  306. Mary Bowman says:

    Dana Tate is wonderful, beautiful work, makw you feel special as well.

  307. Han says:

    GO JORDAN!!!!!!

  308. J. Bringlings says:

    Whitnie Stark is the most amazing photographer. She donates so much of her time and talent to those unable to pay. I will vote for her.

  309. Sadie Sabin says:


  310. Sadie Sabin says:


  311. Gillian says:

    My vote goes to Jenna Cole! I think she has great potential as a photographer and her blog is always interesting.

  312. Alessandra says:

    Long live Angie!

  313. Nichole says:

    Good luck Nicole!!

  314. Bri says:

    Good Luck Heidi Davenport! You are an awesome photographer and a great friend.

  315. Karla says:

    good luck Jenna!

  316. Jenn Dukett says:

    Go Elizabeth Bailey!!! You are an amazing talent, I hope you get to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

  317. Rebecca Roberts says:

    Jordan took the best family photos I have ever seen. My kids have never looked cuter playing in the leaves. She was absolutley wonderful.

  318. Antigone says:

    Good luck Robyn!

  319. Antigone says:


  320. Fabiola says:

    Mikkie is a fantastic photographer i hope she wins!

  321. Stephanie says:

    Heidi is a awesome photographer. She does wonderful work.

  322. camille says:

    Elise Airmet…you are the best and you do some pretty amazing things! You totally deserve to win!!!! Love ya!

  323. […] you have to do is go to Kelli’s blog post about the contest HERE and scroll down to where it says my name (Katie Derus) and click my name then scroll down and click […]

  324. Eliza Hesselink says:

    Angie Griffith is a truely talented and passionate photographer. But more than that, she is also one of the kindest, most generous and genuine gals I know!

  325. Cindy says:

    Good Luck Jessica W

  326. Jess says:

    Go katie D!

  327. Jennifer Gibbins says:


  328. Kenita Gibbins says:

    Trina, I’ve known you from the beginning. Your photos are awesome.

  329. Albert says:

    wishing you much sucess for Angie

  330. Vicki Douzos says:

    Kim Althausen does great work and is great to work with. She is a very talented photograher and very deserving of this opportunity as she is working to establish herself and company!

  331. Beth says:

    Danielle Larcom….Good luck…..great talent!

  332. Aubree Herron says:

    Good Luck Toni P 🙂

  333. Sandra says:

    Heather Verde is superb at outdoor and nature photos. She can catch the moment!

  334. Ronda Bragg says:

    Voted for Kerina Clay!! Wonderful photographer, from one to another!

  335. Bob Vance says:


  336. Michelle Leonard says:

    Toni is fabulous!

  337. […] in baby Did you vote for Jenna Cole yet? She doesn’t show the results of the votes so I have absolutely no idea where I stand, thus […]

  338. Maggie says:

    Go Jenna!

  339. Leanne Sewell says:

    Danielle Larcom is one of the most artistic and beautiful people I know. She has a great focus no matter what her goal is, and is not only a great mother but a kind soul as well. She’d be an awesome student! Good luck <3

  340. christi Wood says:

    Good Luck Melody!!

  341. Ishbell says:

    Good luck jayna , your pictures are the best 😀

  342. Cathy says:

    Go Stephanie, you are the best!!!

  343. Jessica says:

    Go Jenna Cole!

  344. Vote 4 me please! :)Melody serrano

  345. Wendy Everhart says:

    Heidi Porter–Monkey Face Photography’s photos are amazing. She is a miracle worker somehow getting beautiful shots of a toddler that won’t sit still!

  346. Angela says:

    Good luck Stephanie

  347. Virginia Mumford says:

    Good Luck April Bladh! She is a wonderful photographer and friend. Those of us blessed to know her, absolutely love her!

  348. Virginia Mumford says:

    Good Luck April Bladh! She is a wonderful photograher and friend. Those of us who are blessed to know her absolutely love her.

  349. Rosie benda says:


  350. Carmen says:

    Victoria does such a awesome job! Wish the best for you!

  351. Nicole martinez says:

    Go Kendra!!!!

  352. Shelley says:

    Adria!!!!!! The best photographer ever!!!

  353. Dawnmarie says:

    Desirae Young, Desirae Young!

  354. Rachel says:

    BEST OF LUCK KERINA!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  355. Rachel Whitehair says:

    Best of Luck Kerina!!!!

  356. danielle a says:

    check out krista campbell photography!

  357. Kathy Stark says:

    My daughter says Desirae is the best!

  358. JoAn Wells says:

    Good luck D.Young…….

  359. Tanna C. Davis says:

    A true gift for Jessica…passed down from generations !! Good luck Jessica….You deserve to win !!!

  360. dorretta says:

    Stephanies pedersen, I vote for Stephanie she does a great job.

  361. Holly G says:

    Sooooo hoping that I win! I want this so bad! Is there any way of checking on the results? Just curious. 🙂 Thanks so much to everyone rooting for me – love you all to pieces! <3

  362. Ashley says:

    D Young is the best!

  363. Raymie says:

    Choose Heather Verde!!!

  364. Dee Dee Lewis says:

    Good Luck Chesney!!

  365. Dawn Kimball says:

    Beautiful work Jessica ~ i’m so proud of you! Thanks for the contest Kelli :)~ your work is AWESOME!

  366. Kaitlyn Bridgham says:

    Jamie Michuad is a wonderful photographer and very dedicated and intelligent. She has a compassion which I think comes out in her photography. She is has a true passion for the art and has taken some beautiful pictures of my children, which I adore. Jamie has so much talent and potential.

  367. Katie says:


  368. Audra says:

    Jessica Wolfenden deserves to win! She is super creative and hard working! GO JESS!!!!

  369. Christi Granato says:

    Amy Stephens is an extremely talented photographer! Her creative eye is brilliant!

  370. Toni’s is really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  371. Jessica W says:

    Please watch my “vote for me” rap video featuring my son!! http://www.imagesbystudiod.com/blog/?p=1671

  372. Maria Gonzalez says:

    Mel is a great person and a great photographer.She will be a perfect student that will make you proud of been her teacher.

  373. Stephenie Pencek says:

    Vote for Toni!! She takes amazing shots!!

  374. Miranda says:

    Go Jess with Studio D!!!

  375. Beth Phelps says:

    Thanks SO MUCH to all who have voted for me so far. So many creative and deserving ladies hoping to win this amazing opportunity. Good luck to all . . .

  376. Brandon Trlak says:

    Toni Price is a fantastic photographer!!!

  377. Monica Gray says:

    Go Jordan! She deserves this so much! her pictures and dedication are amazing!!!! i HOPE YOU WIN!!!

  378. Haley L. says:


  379. Anita Vaughn says:

    Rooting for Desirae Young!!!

  380. Lora says:

    Toni Price is the best….!!!! YAY for TONI!!!

  381. Linda Jordan says:

    Trust you win Jennifer Wakefield.

  382. Ben says:

    Go Yolanda!