Contest extended

Okay people, I know I have more than 4 blog readers and I really want to make this blog betta 4U so I will extend the contest until Sunday, May 1st.  I’m getting a whole new look to my blog coming soon but I want the posts to be equally as awesome as the upcoming new look so please comment on what your favorite blog posts are. It will take you 5 seconds and make this gal’s day.

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  1. Kathy L Ward says:

    I love the FAQ posts. I learn a lot from them!

  2. emily says:

    I like the Q&A and also what inspires you!

  3. Raquel says:

    I enjoy anything that can help me take better photos and topics on family life – including craft, product or just everyday living.

  4. lauren says:

    I think anything with a video is awesome and way more personal. I would also love behind the scenes and pull back shots!

  5. I just love drooling over your work! I love being inspired by fellow photogs and honestly, those are my favs!

  6. Annee says:

    You are #1 on my favorite photography blogs to follow. Whenever you post something new, I always get little excited butterflies in mystomach! You are so talented!:)

  7. Katrina says:

    I am not sure what this contest is for, but I have just recently found your blog and wanted to say that I love it! I think the videos are really unique. I love your work and would one day love to be able to create such beautiful images! You may already do this to some extent, but I would love a “how did she do that.” For example, what it takes to get the newborn posed that way, or how your lighting was set up. I hope that makes sense. Thanks for sharing your ideas and work.

  8. Mark says:

    I started following your blog to get information about the upcoming classes and now it is to see the great work that you have been posting. I really like to posts with lots of pics and explanation about how you envisioned it then took it. Thanks for the great material.

  9. I love your “what to wear” posts along with your “FAQ’s”, but more than anything, I just love to see your beautiful work!

  10. Sarah says:

    I’ve just stumbled across your blog today….not sure what the “contest” is but I love anything that will make me a better photographer. Your blog seems to have some of that “anything” so I believe I will stick around for some more! 🙂

  11. brittanylane says:

    You do such a great job blogging. I’m by no means a photographer, but I adore looking at your beautiful work and reading your tips and tricks. Some of my favorite posts are the ones that show how you frame, display, and decorate to incorporate your photos. And your workroom makeover was to die for. You are such a stylish lady!