Check out my NEW website!!!

Eeeek!  I’m beyond giddy about my new portfolio website. My old site hadn’t been updated in over 2 years!  This new one replaces my other 2 sites and is oh so simple and clean.  Go check it out at and then come back and let me know whatcha think.

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  1. OK, love it~ Now for the techy stuff….who designed it? Don’t worry, I won’t be copying…I’m just a tech geek and want great referrals for when I’m ready to redesign my site…which is long overdue….especially when I see *fab* sites like your new one…sigh:) Congratulations!

  2. The site is beautiful, but the light pink is almost impossible to read on my screen.

  3. Karyn Collins says:

    Lovely Kelli! Crisp, clean and calm. Really lets your beautiful work take center stage. Well done!