Get clients in the door (Interview with Jami Edmans)

How was your Thanksgiving? We took the kids to Disneylaaaaaaaaaaand! (That’s how I said it the whole time we were there) It was their first time and they loved it. Although I must say that I liked going to Disneyland as a kid better instead of a parent ;0) It was a lot o’ work.
I also went Black Friday shopping at midnight. I LOVE Black Friday because it makes shopping practically a sport. Don’t worry. I didn’t elbow any old ladies to get $5 off a toy.

So are you getting excited to start the New Year fresh? I already have a huge list of goals for my biz. If you are trying to figure out how to get new clients for 2012, you gotta watch this video. I interview Jami Edmans, of Images by Jami, who was one of my first Francypants Academy students from 2009. She just has it going on and knows how to work it!

To see her killer wall gallery and find out how she gets clients in the door, watch this:

Here is some of her fabulous work:

P.S.  The January Business Makeover class is now SOLD OUT but I have 7 spots left for the February class. Those are the only 2 classes I’ll be doing this year.

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  1. Lori says:

    Quick question…Jamie mentions selling in person in her video. Have you found a program you like best? I’ve been researching online vs. in person sales for myself and would love some recommendations!