The Polar Express

Phew!  That’s all I can say.
It’s been a nonstop, crazy-busy couple of weeks and so I took a little bloggie break.

Now I’m taking another blog-cation while we take the TRAIN to Utah to go to my sister’s wedding.

It’s so fun to take the train. It’s much more of a bonding experience than it is tossing crackers to the kids in the back of the minivan.

We tell the kids that we’re riding “The Polar Express” and they just love it. We play cards, watch movies, put together Legos and puzzles, nap, look out the window at the gorgeous scenery and just enjoy each others’ company.

I just recently read a quote I love that said “The most precious ‘present’ you can give is the gift of your presence.”  That’s what we’ll be doing on the train…giving our children the gift of our presence. Looking them in the face and listening and enjoying their presence and giving them our presence. I’m really looking forward to it.

I’m behind on posting sessions from this Fall. I’ll catch up sooner or later. But for now I’m going to be in the present with my kids.

Hope you get to spend some down time with your kiddos too. Give them the gift of your presence.

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