It’s my birthday!

Go shorty. It’s my birthday. Let’s party like it’s my birthday!That’s right…it’s my birthday!!!!!! I’m 24 and counting ;0)

It’s also my daughter’s birthday today. I told her not to come on my birthday but as usual, she did whatever she wanted and came anyways. So it’s a DOUBLE celebration!

And unlike most people who say they **don’t** want something for their birthday, I actually DO want something for my birthday from YOU!

What I want from you for my birthday is to help me find a family for this little girl.

Please read her story and join/donate to make a difference in her life.

That’s the best birthday present you could possibly give me.

Thanks for taking time to help me celebrate my birthday!

~Kelli France

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  1. I hope your Birthday was all sorts of sensational. : )