Let’s talk deep conditioning | Makeup Monday

This week I am going to change up “Makeup Monday” a bit and talk about hair – one of my favorite topics!  More specifically lets talk about a deep conditioning.  A deep condition is something you should be doing at least every few months, more often for those of us who live in drier climates.
My absolute favorite deep condition is the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger deep condition. It leaves your hair so smooth and silky, strong and healthy.  It also smells AMAZING!  Find a Paul Mitchell Beauty Academy near you, save some money and treat yourself to one of these amazing treatments.  Note that if you happen to have extensions like I do, I do not suggest the Awaphui.  This is because it is an oil treatment and you don’t want to use anything on your extensions that will loosen or break the bonds.  Not to worry though, Paul Mitchell has three or four others that will work wonders.

Love your locks, be good to your hair, and look fabulous.


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