Cute Cadence

Cadence recently did a Makeover Photo Shoot with me and she is such a cutie! She felt like a rockstar getting her hair and makeup done. While on location at her session, we discovered a “Crayon Tree” that had melted crayon wax all over it (see image below). I told Cadence it was the perfect background for her since she loves art.



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  1. John K Peterson says:

    That’s my love-el-ly daughter!

  2. Tina Peterson says:

    WOW! How adorable! great job!

  3. Alyssa Ann Peterson says:

    These are super gorgeous. That’s not my sister that’s a supermodel.

  4. John K Peterson says:

    My love-el-ly daughter…

  5. Claudia Peterson says:

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful artist. Love

  6. Cadence Peterson says:

    You know that tree I’m by in the first picture it’s covered in crayon 🙂

  7. Rosie Durland says:

    Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOO ADORABLE!