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lowdown-on-lash-extensionsby Courtney, Kelli’s Makeup Artist for “Model for a Day” Photoshoots
Hello Beauties!

Okay, so I have been LOVING the weather this week. In Utah, we’re reaching like 60 degrees (may not seem too warm, but trust me… it’s beats the 20 degree weather by a long shot). And with warm weather comes… Spring Break, and then Summer! I’m totally lazy when it comes to getting ready in the Summer. I just want to wake up and go out on the lake. I don’t want to have to worry about applying mass amounts of waterproof mascara, to ensure I still look like a girl after I have been swimming all day. So my ultimate summer look comes with a couple things: a good tinted moisturizer with SPF, a pink lipgloss, and… LASH EXTENSIONS. Literally, if you haven’t tried lashes yet, you’re crazy. They are my lifesaver during Summer. Now that I’ve preached, I’m going to tell you what to be aware of when getting lashes. There are still things you should know!


1) The lash glue is made of acrylic or latex- sometimes both. Make SURE you ask your tech what your lash glue is made of. Especially if you’re sensitive to products or allergic.
2) Check your tech. Everyone and their dog does lash extensions now, I swear. But not everyone’s legit. Ask to see your tech’s license, and check out their work before they begin work on you. If you find someone that does lashes for $25, awesome, but check them out first. It’s not worth it to save a little money, and have someone work right by your eyes, that has no idea what they’re doing.
3) Ask questions as well. If the tech can’t answer them… leave. Ask about what kind of lashes they use. Ask them about caring for lashes. Ask them anything… they should know everything about what they’re using, and how to use it.
Basically, lashes are amazing… if you have the right person do them. Enjoy the sunshine and vitamin D this week, and I will be back next week!

Note from Kelli: I just started getting lash extensions a few months ago and I’m officially addicted. They make my beauty routine effortless! I love that I look fab without makeup when I have these babies on. Seriously, they are a must-have for Moms! 

FAQ’s Kelli gets about her Lash Extensions:

Are they expensive? Yes but soooo worth it!

How long do they last? Some last 3-4 weeks but mine last even longer like 4-5 weeks.

Do they mess-up your own eyelashes? No. Some of my eyelashes lay funny when I take them off but they are not damaged in any way.

How long are yours? My favorite length is about 10 mm. Looks totally natural. My Mom couldn’t even tell.

Can you wear mascara with them on? You can but I prefer not to. Keeps it easy.

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  1. Reaj Roberts says:

    I love my lash extensions – I don’t feel like myself without them – I look like I’m not even awake if they aren’t on.