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I’ve been feeling inspired to share more about the IMPORTANCE OF INNER BEAUTY on my blog through “Letters to My Daughter”. My only daughter is 12 years old and slowly changing from a child to a young woman. She has always been confident & fearless and I don’t ever want that to change. I don’t want her to doubt her inner/outer beauty when she goes to Jr. High or when she is bombarded by the media’s ideal of what a woman should look like or be. I want her to know how wonderful she is…just the way she is. I hope YOU will also remember this as you read my Letters to my Daughter. 


Dear Daughter,

Today at Church, a woman said something very simple. She talked about being an INFLUENCE and that word just stood out to me. I got to thinking about WHO & HOW I could influence.


Who can YOU influence? I’m not talking about going out of your way to find strangers to influence. I’m talking about being a good example or influence to the people you interact with everyday; your family, your friends, your neighbors. YOU can make a difference in their lives if you really stop to think about how you can help them.

I want to be a strong influence to my children, hence me starting the Letters to My Daughter. I also want to influence “tweens, teens, and Mama Queens”.


How do you want people to remember you? How can you leave a legacy? No matter how young or old you are, you can make a difference in someone else’s life. But I believe you have to thoughtful of the message you want to share.

As I began thinking about HOW I can influence people I thought about my philosophy: Look good > Feel good > Do good. I really believe that if you take the time to look good, you will feel good, and then you will do good. Outer & inner beauty combined can empower you! Lately fashion is my passion but I don’t want to only emphasize outer beauty. To me, fashion is more about expressing who you are. Clothes that portray who you are make you feel more authentic and can empower you to do good.

And doing good is really what life is all about.


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