My Favorite Fitness Products

As a Health & Fitness Coach, I get asked about different products allll the time so I thought I’d share 5 of my faves today.

  1. H2o on the Go Water Bottle


This water bottle has been a game-changer for me because it has can carry all the water I need to drink in one day, all in one bottle. This way, I can tell how much I’ve drank and how much left I still have to drink that day.


  1. Shakeology


Confession: I’m addicted to Shakeology because it’s such an easy meal replacement for busy moms like me and it tastes like a Chocolate Shake! For real. No nasty protein shake flavor. Even my kids like it and they are incredibly picky eaters so when they drink it, I know they’re getting at least one healthy meal that day-ha ha! It helps eliminate soda and sugar addictions by curbing the craving since your body is getting the dense nutrition that it needs. It gives me more energy throughout the day (which is vital for this mom of 4!) It is also a meal replacement so it keeps me full and saves me money on food! It even replaced my multi-vitamins and probiotics because it has all of that in there, plus tons of superfoods like kale, spinach, chlorella, and spirulina.  It helped one of my weight-loss clients with mood/hormone stabilization better than any of her past medications and it helped another client with regularity. It is made with whole foods and has no soy, artificial sweeteners, fillers, or preservatives. All those pure ingredients made my hair & nails grow super fast too!

Basically, it’s AMAZINGGG!


  1. Trimr Shaker Bottle


This is the perfect blender bottle! Trimr basically combined a water bottle AND a shaker bottle into one with the option to sip or swig. The agitator will mix your protein drink (or in my case, Shakeology) smoothly without need of a blender.

GET IT AT: ***Use coupon code: “francypants10” to get 10% off

  1. Polar Watch


I love my Polar heart rate monitor! I wear it when working out to track my heart rate and see how many calories I’ve burned.  It makes me feel very accomplished when I’m finished with a workout.



  1. Quest Double Chocolate Chunk Protein Bar


I have one of these Quest bars in my purse at all times for when I’m on the go and need some food/protein! This protein bar has 20 grams of protein, 19 grams of fiber and 1 gram of suguar. The only sugar in their bars comes from things like the nuts and freeze-dried fruit. and onlyThe double chocolate chunk is my personal favorite flavor. I tell my kids that it’s a candy bar-lol!

GET IT AT: (I recommend buying it in a box to save money)

6. Veggetti


This thing is the COOLEST! You can make spaghetti-like noodles out of zucchini with this bad boy! You simply put the zucchini in and twist. Then microwave your noodles for a quick & easy alternative to pasta that’s half the calories!


7. Fixate Cookbook


This is my new favorite cookbook! I seriously don’t use anything else now. It has 101 healthy recipes that are DELISH and work for all different types of diets including eating-clean, paleo, vegan & vegetarian.

Some of my fave recipes in Fixate are:

  • Peanut Butter Bars (they are sugar-free and TO DIE FOR!)
  • Chicken Calabrese
  • Honey Mustard Salad Dressing
  • Pear Pancakes





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