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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • An Introduction to Jordan Lee Dooley (1:23)
  • The Most Important Step to Build Confidence (2:36)
  • The Difference Between an Empowered Woman and Not One (5:30)
  • Jordan’s Biggest Life Lessons (7:57)
  • One Main Message for Woman (10:28)
  • Resources That Empowered Jordan in Her Journey (13:12)
  • Jordan’s Best Instagram Tips For Building a Brand & Community (19:23)
  • Be Proactive in the Morning and Reactive in the Afternoon (25:28)
  • Jordan’s Latest Life Lesson (27:00)



Today we are joined by Jordan Lee Dooley, the bestselling author of Own Your Everyday to share some KILLER Instagram tips, her fave books, how the Enneagram has helped her, her latest life lessons, and so much more.


An Introduction to Jordan Lee Dooley

Jordan Lee Dooley is the author of national bestseller, Own Your Everyday. She hosts the top-rated “She”, oftentimes referred to as J, and her mission is to help ambitious women steward life at home and build businesses from home.


The Most Important Step to Build Confidence

Jordan believes the best thing is implementation imperfect action. She believes that we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to figure out the whole roadmap. We don’t just “win” confidence or get it by achieving something – but it’s something that’s built with every baby step.

Think about what’s something that can be put into action right away! That was a BIG breakthrough for Jordan.

You can’t expect to strike gold on your first try. Listen to your heart and your heart will lead you where you need to go and closer to your purpose.


The Difference Between an Empowered Woman and Not One

Somebody who is empowered sees other people, but somebody who’s not empowered focused mostly on what other people think about them and their own successes. It’s about coming from an attitude of confidence and servitude.

It’s the difference between trying to impress and trying to inspire.


Jordan’s Biggest Life Lessons

“When you try something, you’re either going to get one of two things. You’re either going to get the outcome you wanted or the lesson you needed.”

This quote has been hugely impactful in Jordan’s life. There were things she put off and kicked down the road due to fear of failure and taking action.

If she could go back a few years, she would tell herself that her friends and family don’t need to understand or support her.


One Main Message for Woman

There’s a message out there for women right now to keep pushing and never stop! However, Jordan also believes that this creates pressure when you’re in a transitional period in life. What if you aren’t quite sure what your dream is yet?

It’s OK to be multi-passionate and go through seasons when you’re unsure of your dream. We should allow ourselves the ability to figure out our passions and learn what we might want to do.


Resources That Empowered Jordan in Her Journey

Jordan has been empowered by SO many different resources. One big thing is having mentors in her life in all areas, and she found them by going to conferences and being intentional about her conversations and interactions.

She has also been very much into the enneagram. It has helped her understand how she works, why she reacts the way she does, and relationships in her life.


Jordan’s Best Instagram Tips For Building a Brand & Community

Instagram has changed Jordan’s life!

When she first started, she kept a strong focus on women that are in-between their passions and trying to get to the next level. Give that person a name!

Then, post at least 12 times on your stories per day and always include at least 2 call-to-actions in your stories per day with a question, DM, swipe-up, or other action.

Then, find similar accounts to yours and find 5 relevant hashtags that are in your target audience, but not already on board with. Comment and respond to 15 posts inside of that tag.

Lastly, build a tribe mentality by challenging those that follow you to engage and respond to you. Show interest, engage, and show that you’re seeing your followers!

Be Proactive in the Morning and Reactive in the Afternoon

Social media can be very reactionary. Time block your day so that you have structure and you don’t find yourself constantly on social media, but you’re on enough where you can check-in on the things that are important and continue to engage.


Jordan’s Latest Life Lesson

After a recent retaliation that Jordan faced in her health and wellness, she learned an important lesson that sometimes you can make amazing progress, but still face a setback and season where you take steps backward.

You can’t let a setback hold you back from living your life. One setback isn’t a massive failure and if you can shift your mindset, you will remember that this is what growth looks like!


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