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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • An Introduction to Manon Matthews (1:21)
  • My Favorite Lesson From Manon’s Book (4:10)
  • Our Egos Want Us to Be Separate (8:58)
  • Manon’s Relationship (14:17)
  • How to Increase Self Love (18:55)
  • If Only We Knew What Was In Store For Us (22:35)


Today we are joined comedian & author of Funny How It Works Out, Manon Matthews. We talk about having a “Me vs. We” mindset, how Manon went from insecure to confident, and simple secrets to going viral on social media.


An Introduction to Manon Matthews

Manon grew up in LA (and currently resides there now), blew up on Vine (over 3m followers), is a comedian, and just so entertaining! One of the things I loved most about her book was the entertaining stories inside of it, which you don’t get all of the time in personal development books.


My Favorite Lesson From Manon’s Book

In the very end of the book, there are life lessons that are solid nuggets of wisdom. My favorite lesson is when Manon talks about how we talk so nice to babies, but we talk so badly to ourselves. How ridiculous! It’s completely false, inaccurate, and in reality it’s all just nonsense.

Our unconscious mind wants to protect and control. When I do things that my brain fights against, evidence shows that things DO pass and what feels heavy today will pass.


Our Egos Want Us to Be Separate

Manon talks a lot about ego and she describes it as feeling better than or less than somebody else. That was an ah-ha moment to me!

If we can remember that we’re all connected – that will make us feel more full inside. Look for the similarities in others, not the differences.

Manon’s Relationship

When I first started reading Manon’s book – I cheated! I opened the part of the book where Manon talks about her relationship and how she realized that it was about him, not her. This story definitely pulled me in! She was so confident that she had given it all and had no reason to believe that it had to do with her not being good enough.

That’s why it’s important to fill our cup and be ready for the big things in life that occur!


How to Increase Self Love

Manon’s entryway into personal growth were the 12 steps. She had to first get clear that she had a narrative. Finding a higher power and asking for help were two of the most important tools she used to get clear in her thoughts.


If Only We Knew What Was In Store For Us

One of Maren’s recent ah-ha moments was that she wouldn’t have written or book and ended up where she is now if she didn’t go through the difficult divorce she endured. If she knew what God or the higher power had in store for her behind the curtain, she would be doing jumping jacks and cheering herself on.


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